Friday, November 22, 2013

Kleos Photeinos Review

The Kleos AphthitonKleos ThemisKleos Phóteinos

The last item released in the very successful Bright Friday sale was the Kleos Photeinos (roughly translated, Bright Glory), the third item in the Kleos line of hats and the most unique of all three. The original Kleos Aphthiton is a red and black/grey recolor of the Coif of Glory, a classic 2007 hat that is worth 950 robux and is surprisingly not offsale. This hat was given out in the ROBLOX Grand Melee, and if I'm not mistaken, there is around four owners of this hat. Knowing this, you'd think that the Kleos series would remain as a rare hat series, but it clearly became the opposite. In the Black Friday 2012 sale, one of the published retextures was the Kleos Themis, a blue version of the Kleos Aphthiton by nooooooo. This retexture is unique though as it manipulates the seemingly-hard to recolor texture-map of the Kleos Aphthiton so that the blue part of the helm can have nice hue changes. This hat was originally 250 robux and BC-only, and in a year it accumulated around 4000 sales. However, the Kleos Themis recently went offsale because of the Kleos Photeinos coming out. The Kleos Photeinos is unique as it is a brighter helm than the Themis and the Aphthiton, and it is the only Limited Unique Kleos.


Texture: 2/10


Even though this is a user retexture by clockout/Sideffect/Giraffe/iloveclubpenguin, who makes great retextures, I'll be honest when I say that this is a bad retexture. The white gradient is smooth-looking, but it clearly has some texture bugs (notice the grey tilted line on the right side of the helm, no that is not a rendering/lighting bug.) The galaxy texture for the purple part is also bad. It clearly is a google image and this retexture probably took about five minutes to make (no offense). The only good thing I'll credit this texture for is that it looks somewhat good on the Kleos mesh.

Mesh: 8/10

It's easy to admit that the classic hats probably contain some of the best meshes on ROBLOX. That being said, the Kleos mesh is very awesome looking. What makes the Kleos special is the unique line patterns on the front of the helm. My only problems with the mesh is that it's disproportional in contrast to the ROBLOXian head, and some of it sticks out from behind the head. Also, the ROBLOXian face looks sorta weird behind the helm. Otherwise, it's excellent.

Profit/Demand: 10/10

This hat was originally 50 robux with 1000 in stock, a basic low level limited. This hat was the last hat of the sale, and it gained demand as users anticipated for its release. You wouldn't think a 50 robux limited would do great profit, but the Kleos Photeinos went as far as 2000 robux. It is currently now at 1000 robux, which is still pretty amazing.

Overall: 7/10

It may not be the best looking Kleos, but it certainly is one of the most profitable Bright Friday sale items.

- NonstopEpic, Catalog Manager