Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Arb's News Bites: 12th November

In this new series of articles, we will be disclosing the latest updates to hit ROBLOXia. Those covered will usually be smaller releases that often not discussed in the official ROBLOX blog such as the recent alteration to specularity. We will also discuss more community related news such as contests and exclusive prizes. 

Key Recent Events:

- BLOXTober has ended, with a month full of Halloween festivities such as the Witching Hour Event, the 13 Gifts and of course the dozens of Halloween catalog items

- With this, the Witching Hour Halloween event is now over. Prizes for the amount of BLOXikins earned will be awarded to players this week.

- The game's lighting system has been revamped once more, with specularity of parts and meshes altered for a more subtle look.

The possible BLOXikin Prizes
The Witching Hour ended on the 7th November with a 2600 second timer added to the game to alert players to its impending shutdown. The game servers were then shutdown and the game was removed from the user: Games' profile - reverted to inactive. The BLOXikins proved to be extremely popular prizes and thousands upon thousands were collected, but the rarest were decidedly rarer than previous Halloween event prizes. The Sorcus BLOXikin, for example, was collected just over 2000 times. Games announced on the Witching Hour's description that prizes would be awarded depending on the amount of BLOXikins collected. This will likely be in bands such as 1-10 BLOXikins collected will receive prize A, then 11-20 collected will receive both prize A and B, etc. These prizes may have already been found by a particularly curious user with Halloween themed hats such as a flaming pumpkin, top hat, riddling skull and multiple vampire items.

Specularity on various hats 
In-game lighting has been revamped once again. Specularity (the shine on parts and meshes) within the game is now less 'harsh' on objects with the over-powering white 'blob' of light replaced with a smoother and more even effect. The previous specularity appearance often hindered detail on items, obscuring imporant features on hat textures. This new lighting update comes amongst a whole host of rendering updates from the content team who have significantly altered ROBLOX materials.

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