Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bluesteel Antlers: The Pros and Cons


Bluesteel Antlers
Bluesteel Antlers
So, over Black Friday weekend, ROBLOX released a new set of antlers. Beforehand, a leaked set of the texture, mesh and ID was going around the forums (as usual). Different people thought differently on the antlers. Some thought it would be cheap, nonlimited, and eventually go off-sale. Other thought it would be expensive, timed, and later limited. Finally, mid Saturday, the antlers were released. Their release caused MUCH controversy pretty much everywhere - Twitter, the forums, even in the comments! So, in this post, I'll be going over the pros and cons of the antlers, and well, why I bought them, because I did, and it took a lot of thought.


Lets start with the pros as to why somebody would argue to buy the antlers.

1.) Their appearance is awesome. They are antlers, but bluesteel. I mean, I love bluesteel items, and I love antlers, so what better combination could there possibly be? With one look at my bluesteel outfit, you'll know that these antlers are very fitting with many other bluesteel items. Well, all bluesteel items.

So, that's point one. Their appearance. Is this convincing enough to buy the antlers? I hope not. It shouldn't be. If it is, then you aren't very good with your money. You see what I did? I introduced the second point within the first. Heh. 
Okay moving on..

2.) Yes, you've survived this almost picture-less article down to point 2 as to why to buy these - money. They originally sold for 20,000 Robux, which is, well, a lot. If you had just over that much, like I did, you probably don't want to buy them. I did though, why? Well, based on my knowledge, the antlers won't be going limited after the timer, which is what all the other hats or gears did that went from a timer to limited. And, seeing as how they won't go limited RIGHT after they sell out, I don't believe there is any chance of them going limited any time soon. They will probably go limited in the future, and wind up profiting, but that's just a guess.

Is that convincing enough yet? If it's not, then you'll probably like what's about to happen. It's time for the


I know, you were all excited to see the red color, I'm sure. Anyways, it's time for the cons part. 
Mmm, negativity.

1.) The price was 20,000. I smell TONS of bad things happening with that. Pretty much, if it doesn't sell for over 28,571 Robux, no profit will be made. None. Zip. That's a lot. Only 123 people were willing to buy it for 20,000 in 30 minutes, so why would people buy it for 30,000? The chances of that are low, but who knows, it could happen. It just might, but who knows? It's not limited. Yet.

2.) Seeing as how only 123 people bought it at 20,000, it obviously doesn't have a high demand (that's point #2). Demand works like this. ROBLOXians like an item, they buy an item, they collect more of that item, they hoard the item, they steal the item, they scam the item, and they just plain out kill each other for that one item. Why? It has high demand. Something like Void Star is an example. It's expensive, and tons of people love it, so it has high demand and does well. Then there are the forgotten items out there with no demand, like that old Igloo limited. It has low demand, so nobody really knows it exists. For the antlers, this could go either way. So the question is, 

High Demand or Low Demand? Stay tuned to my next article to find out!
Just kidding.

I decided I'd wrap this up with a nice Bluesteel looking color, you know, to fit with the mood. So, the one question that I bet 2% of the readers are asking is, "What made you buy it, pb?" Well, I bought it because I looked more towards the pros. I love it's appearance, and think that it will make some nice profit. Of course, it couldn't, but was I really in it for the money? Naw.
One question remains. Will YOU buy the antlers?
Too bad. They're off-sale.

Well that wraps this up. Until next time..
pbjms out.