Monday, June 11, 2012

Arb's Hat Reviews: Overseer Eye!

Hello there ladies and gentlemen. Today I bring you a review of the much talked about retexture: 'Overseer's Eye'! This hat was created by the talented user: dastuke, and is designed to go with 'The Overseer' package.

The Mesh 10/10

A classic mesh indeed, this hat uses the original mesh from the Crimson Catseye and other 'Eye' hats. Sticking with tradition, the round shape fits perfectly on a ROBLOXian's character and really brings out that classic feel from years ago. 

The Texture 10/10

The texture on this retexture is great, it's extremely detailed with the green flames licking the side of the eye. The slit like appearance of the eye reminds me of some kind of serpent creature giving the hat a cold-blooded feel. The glint on the eyeball makes for a nice finishing touch. 

The Creativity 9/10

This retexture is extremely creative, who would have thought such a brilliant idea could come from a simple package? However, this means the hat was based on an exisiting item and so drops a point, but don't let me fool you, it's still brillaint.

The Value for Money 10/10

This was a BC Limited U hat and was sold was sold for the ridiculously cheap price of R$50, keeping to the ROBLOX 'eye hat' tradition of low pricing. With 1500 in stock it sold out within minutes and sky-rocketed to the price of R$3500. It was well worth the price and was a lot lower than people expected.

Overall 10/10

Overall, this is a brilliant retexture. With it's beautiful design and memorizing colours: it is a must buy for any eye hat collector or any other ROBLOXian who wants to look good!

This hat certainly gives The Crimson Catseye a run for it's money...