Friday, June 8, 2012

Classic Place Review Week: Nuke the Whales! WHALE APOCALYPSE!!!!!

Nuke the Whales! WHALE APOCHALYPSE!!!!!
Today, I've chosen Nuke the Whales as the second classic review. So, when you enter you have received a rocket launcher. You then have to run around and blow up whales. The objective of this game is to collect the blubber inside of the whales before time runs out, the person with the most blubber at the end of the round wins.

So, when I played this game a long time ago, I always lost every round. People are just too quick. Be careful, when you nuke a whale, you have to make sure there isn't anyone around to steal your blubber. The round takes about 5 minutes to end, which is plenty of time to nuke whales and collect the most blubber. When there aren't anymore whales, more respawn above you and fall to the ground, ready to get blown up. The game gets more intense when there are over 10 people in the game playing with you.

This game at the moment is abandoned. It gets full when Shedletsky plays (shocking). This game has been running ever since late 2008? It has been visited over 500,000 times.

Also, I'm not going to place a picture anymore until mid-June. I'm making a new one. So, I'll end every post with:

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