Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Desert Scout Hat Review

Another big winning retexture was just recently published. It was the Desert Scout, a retexture of the rare Artic Commando by JohnnyFlight. Unlike the Artic Commando, the Desert Scout was not quite as rare, having 1k in stock. It was also R$250. However, it quickly rose to prices of 3k-5k robux, making this a huge winning limited. Here's my review of it.

Desert Scout 

Mesh: 8/10

This hat's mesh, along with the Artic Commando's, is designed to look like the ulitimate survival gear. It has nice goggles, but is also has one of those helmet-like things (I don't know the name of it) that helps keep you warm and protects you from disaster. The goggles are very nice and detailed and so is the helmet-like thing, but I have to admit I don't really understand or know what really is the helmet-like thing.

Texture: 9/10

The texture of this hat is very realistic and a nice touch, it makes you feel as if you would really this hat in a desert. I love the little dots throughout the hat added for extra detail and I love how the goggles look, but to me this texture is great but a little plain.

Style: 10/10

I do consider this hat great for making a desert-themed outfit or a military outfit. It fits perfectly on a regular robloxian head and looks very nice in game. It's also extremely good for making hat combos.

Value: 10/10

This hat was a huge winning limited, and sold out extremely fast. While this hat isn't really worth R$250 (in my opinion, it should have been R$30 like the original), it still is cheap compared to how it's now selling around 3k-5k robux. This hat was very similar to the overseer eye, as it was a retexture, just about every investor wanted it, it came out cheap and not rare, and made mega profit. There's a couple simple reasons as to why the Desert Scout made great profit. The first and most important reason is that it has a rare mesh, and people will pay a lot to get their hands on a rare hat or retexture of a rare hat. Second, just about everybody wanted it, including myself. The final reason is that it sold out extremely fast and the people who didn't get it now wanted it. In fact, when it first came out I got a notification from the ROBLOX hat notifier (it's a great google chrome app, I would recommend you should get it), and I immediantly rushed and bought it without thinking, and I got #12 out of 1000. I watched the Desert Scout almost 50 copies per second, which just showed how much it was in demand. 
tl;dr version: if you got this hat at 250, you made a lot of money.

Overall: 9/10

The Desert Scout has been one of the most wanted retextures this summer, along with the overseer's eye. It made mega profit and I would recommend that if you bought it for 250 and you still have it, sell it now. It might drop drastically in the next few days. Besides the Desert Scout, some other retextures published this weekend were Magma Realm Mage by zerois, Lava Hair by Scootalicious, and Panda Knit by helloppl1404.

That's not all, there are still a lot of retextures BrightEyes has taken that might be published sometime soon. 
(For those who are interested, here is a set with the retextures that  are probably going to come out soon)

-NonstopEpic, Catalog Manager