Monday, June 18, 2012

How's it doing now? Call of Robloxia 5 - Roblox At War

     So, if you were a fan of Roblox News in September 2011, you remember I joined the Roblox News team in that month. My first review was of Call of Robloxia 5 - Roblox At War, which got a pretty good review. Well, obviously, it's been many months since that review, and I'm sure the place has changed by a lot. I used to begin with the review of the thumbnail, but I'll save that for the end.

     On entrance, there are many updates to the game that are noticeable. He finally added something on the GUI upon entering. There have been changes to the classes too. He has now added new weapons, side arms, and perks. Nothing has really changed in the spawn room. Time to go into the game play.

     Well, there are new maps in this game now. I played in a map named "City," which was contributed by 1dev2. I played for a while and saw that the creator of this place is working on a new project on one of his alts. Also, he added a new warning system, which tells you when the match will end. I was enjoying the game, until it started freezing the characters and pretty much creating lag. I wasn't lagging, but other users were. There were heads here, legs over there, arms somewhere else. It was havoc. I still enjoy the game as before. The Molotov I had was a bit interesting. It had that little thing when you hold a tomahawk in COD it shows that little square thing. It was there when I tried throwing my Molotov. It makes the game feel more like COD, which is almost the game's name just replace the D with an R.

     The game had definitely changed over the months. It's not as exciting as before, but still pretty exciting. I've just a lot of interest in the COD series, so why play a game related to that on Roblox? I don't know either.

Scripting: 10/10. Mostly the same scripts, there are some new ones.
Tools: 10/10. All tools are provided in this game.
Building: 10/10. No maps were made by the owner, but he gives credit.
Community Enjoyment: 10/10. I'm sure a lot of people enjoy this game and enjoy returning to the game another day.
Originality: 7/10. I've seen too many war games.
Creativity: 9/10. Creative... I'm going to remove this rating...
Deals with Problems: 9/10. That minor problem with the lag.
Reviewer's Experience with Lag: 6/10. Lag was experienced.
Difficulty: Medium. You have to be careful not to get owned.
Reviewer's Enjoyment: 8/10. I enjoyed it a little less.
Reviewer's Recommendation: 10/10. I recommend it to you.
Thumbnail's Review: 10/10. Decent thumbnails.
Scenery: 10/10. Self-explanatory.

Overall: 8/10. Decent game, hasn't dramatically changed, but it has changed to make me get more bored.