Sunday, June 24, 2012

Place Showcase #1

     I'm going to start doing something called "Place Showcase" where I show you places which don't require playing, but watching instead. These places showcased are well built. If you'd like to suggest a place for me to showcase, please refer to my Twitter.

     Our first showcase is by the aviation enthusiast Crazyman32. His places are mostly about airplanes and air crafts. This place showcases his archived creations. So, think of this showcase as a showcase within a showcase. So, in showcases, I'll post screen shots of the places and talk about the screen shot with a few words. Crazyman32's place is called "Freeflight." So, let's begin.

Here we see one of Crazyman32's older creations, his helicopter. This helicopter is really realistic. You have to start it up by pressing 'E' on your keyboard. The blades start spinning. After they aren't visible you can take off. You can fly around the map with this helicopter and you can also change the color of the helicopter to whatever your heart pleases. Great helicopter by Crazyman32.

Here we see one of Crazyman32's newer creations, the Wingsuit. His Wingsuit is pretty hard to fly at first, but when you get the hang of it, it's fun! I was flying around the map in this Wingsuit. I still can't control this Wingsuit sometimes. This is one of the most difficult to fly. It makes some cool sounds when turned on, which makes this creation look and sound more realistic.

This next one is called a "Glider," which is used to glide around the map until you get to the ground. This creation is similar to the hand gliders that people use to jump off of mountains onto the beach. I glided on this around the map and landed into the water, only to slip and fall off of the map. In real life, people look like they are having fun. If you're afraid to do this in real life (like me) it's more fun to do this in a game.
This one is called a plane. It's really simple to fly. All you have to use to speed up and slow down are the arrow keys, which I'm not used to. You can reach speeds of up to 170 mph, which is really fast. Be careful though, this plane can crash and blow up and kill you too. So, all of these air crafts are very cool. I would suggest trying them all.

     Well, this was our first showcase, I really hope you enjoyed. So, our next showcase is Windmill Island by the user Windmillisland. For updates on future showcases, contests, reviews, and more, check my Twitter daily! Also, I'll be posting at the end of every new post "Thanks for reading" in many different languages.