Sunday, June 17, 2012

Place Review; Bluesteel Brawl By IBarrageI

Hey there guys! BCGames here to give you the newest place review! Today we are looking at a new game by our very own IBarrageI! The game is called Bluesteel Brawl. It is currently in the Alpha state, but it's still very fun. Well, lets get started on the review, shall we?

Place Image

Name Bluesteel Brawl
Creator IBarrageI

This game has a lot of great bluesteel items, and it should as the name is Bluesteel Brawl. The scenery includes a vast amount of items crafted from the legendary bluesteel. These items include Bluesteel Domino Crowns, Bluesteel Viking Helms, Bluesteel Olympic Rings, Bluesteel Eggs, and Bluesteel Bathelms. The arena is also made of bluesteel and is gold trimmed, meaning the edges are made of gold.

There are a few weapons in the game at the moment, and there are sure to be more. Let's take a look at the weapons.

The first weapon is the Bluesteel Sword. It's just like the classic sword, only it's blade is a piece of razor sharp bluesteel. I wouldn't want to be hit with that! The damage is average for the classic sword, so it's a great starter weapon.

The next weapon is the Bluesteel Claws. These are razor sharp talons! Each claw was forcefully taken from the legendary Bluesteel Dragon. These claws do a good amount of damage, and are a worthy advisary for the Bluesteel Sword.

The final weapon is the Bluesteel Katana. Handcrafted by IBarrageI himself, this sword sparkles with bluesteel, and have the ability to increase your walkspeed. The blade is a tooth of the Bluesteel Dragon, so I imagine IBarrageI had a tough time getting this sword made. This sword does MASSIVE damage, but due to the sometimes lack of rails, you run off by mistake. Be careful!

There is really only one GUI, and that's an announcement GUI. The only problem with it is that is seems to be misplaced. Perhaps IBarrageI used offset rather than scale... I don't know. The last thing is the most important part. The leaderboard. It has your typical stats, KOs and WOs.

Overall, I think this is a great game. I normally would say that Sword Fighting games are overused, but this concept has blown me away. Even I'd never think of it! Kudos IBarrageI!

You know you've been waiting for it...the scores. Here they are:

Design: 8/10 Great design. It must have taken careful planning!

Concept: 9/10 As I said, I've never seen a game like this. Great job!

Originality: 10/10 Ok, I know Sword Fighting games aren't quite original, but this isn't just any Sword Fighting games. This. Is. BLUESTEEL!!!!!

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