Thursday, June 21, 2012

Place Review: Paintball!

     This week, I decided to review one of Jared's places. Which is assumed of being stolen from another person. I seriously don't want to even take a step into his place, as it is always off-topic of the title's name. I have no clue if he does this on purpose, or on accident. This will be one of my more harsh reviews, so be prepared for some low ratings.

     On entry, I get placed in a spawn room. I started hearing Easter Zombies, and my thoughts were "hacked," and so it was. I spent about five minutes listening to those zombies, so I decided to leave the server. I joined another server, no noise this time. But, there seemed to be no one playing the game, my thoughts were "hacked." Everyone in the server wasn't in the map, they were in the spawn room. So, I decided to give up on this place and head home. Yes, jaredvaldez4 "made" this..

Scripting: 1/10. No original scripts, boo.
Tools: 1/10. No tools.
Building: 1/10. Couldn't see how it was built.
Community Enjoyment: 1/10. No one enjoys this game.
Originality: 1/10. Not original.
Deals with Problems: 1/10. Hackers.
Reviewer's Experience with Lag: 10/10. No lag.
Difficulty: Easy.
Reviewer's Enjoyment: 1/10. Did not enjoy this game one bit.
Reviewer's Recommendation: 1/10. Don't recommend this.
Thumbnail's Review: 6/10. Decent way to fool people.
Scenery: 1/10. Garbage.

Overall: 1/10 Terrible place.