Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Place Review: Build to Survive the Zombies

Build to Survive the Zombies
     No, it's not the Miami Zombies, but it's the Roblox Zombies! Yes, this is another amazing review by the amazing refreshingwater. So, when I entered this place I was introduced by a place that was similar to Welcome to Roblox Building by Roblox. It had those black baseplates that you see at WtRB which only let you build in that area, and not anyone else. Anyway, you have to build to survive the zombie apocalypse before the time runs out. This place is created by DANGERTIM112.

     I built a fort made out of bricks, which I thought was going to keep those zombies away! I was right! The zombies chased after me the entire time. I don't think the zombies even cared about the other users. When the round started, some epic survival music started playing. There are different types of zombies in this game, they're some weird zombies.

     Well, I faced off against the saw zombies first, they weren't much of a challenge to me. I was expecting flying zombies who would come into my fort to kill me and eat my brains out and then... Well, you get the point. I went AFK for a bit, when I came back, I saw that I hadn't survived at all. I didn't play much of this game, I just don't know why...

Scripting: 8/10. It's pretty obvious this place has some scripts, I'm not sure if they're original.
Tools: 10/10. All necessary tools that will help you survive are provided.
Building: 10/10. You must build.
Community Enjoyment: 10/10. Many people enjoy this place very much.
Originality: 6/10. I've seen too many zombie games.
Deals with Problems: 7/10. Only problem that should be fixed is that zombies only chase after one person.
Reviewer's Experience with Lag: 10/10. No lag was experienced.
Difficulty: Medium.
Reviewer's Enjoyment: 10/10. I would've enjoyed it more if I'd played it longer.
Reviewer's Recommendation: 10/10. Sure, play this game, if you like zombie games.
Thumbnail's Review: 10/10. Looks nice.
Scenery: 10/10. Make your own scenery.

Overall: 8/10. Decent game overall.

Faleminderit për leximin! Dhe mos merrni truri juaj ngrënë nga zombies!