Friday, June 22, 2012

The Conquerors v2.0 by HatHelper Review

            I was asked on twitter to do a review of The Conquerors, a Roblox RTS (real time strategy)  game, which is made by the famous HatHelper. I had experience with this, and The Little Men (another similar styled game), and it wasn’t really a good experience. When I loaded up and played the game, it only validated my predictions.

This was the part that is really for working for me. Specifically, the gameplay is EXTREMELY slow paced because of several things. Number one, the length of a single game, from what I can tell, is 2 hours long, which is an enormous amount of time. Secondly, the game is too easy to “turtle” in, for example, heavy turrets and forts are extremely cheap, powerful, and quick to build. (Turtle, when used in a RTS game, is a strategy where one player continues to stay in their base and build defences.) Lastly, the horrid interface makes the experience even worse. There are a total of four menus, meaning that you could not control your units while trying to train units. The game makes little use of hot keys which means you could spend precious time in a battle to try to click to a different menu.

While this game certainly took lots of great scripting, I’m not feeling it while playing this game. For example, the game has about a 2 second delay on your actions and many glitches occur in which your units fly off the map. Perhaps the game needs to be more optimized to reduce the ridiculous amounts of lag.

Not much building was necessary in this game, most of it is very simple.

Balancing *NEW (for me at least)*
He does sell a VIP shirt that gives some QOL (quality of life) changes such as a higher move speed, hotkey system (WHY YOU NO INCLUDE IN REGULAR GAME?), and radars. He also sells a VIP shirt that improves income, which I do not approve of.

Gameplay: 5/10
Scripting: 6/10
Building: 7/10
Balancing: 6/10
Overall: 6/10

I really did not enjoy this game as it is way too slow paced and not responsive. Unless you like grinding away 2 hours of time in a game with terrible interface, I would avoid it (sorry HatHelper).