Saturday, June 23, 2012

Community Article: Catalog Heaven Place Review

As a new community poster I bring you my first place review. Today's review is on a well known testing place named Catalog Heaven. It was created on May 8, 2010 by Seranok. Since then it has seen almost four million users. Catalog Heaven is a place where many things can occur. Some of these things are that you can get together with old friends, duel on bridges, test silly hat combos, or just brutally gain knockouts. Whatever your style, this game is truly for everyone. Recently I went into to a server for the first time. I was truly impressed by the scripting shown by the creator. Although the map could be argued to be poorly made, he definitely makes up for it in his scripting skills.

Scripting: 10/10
     The scripting in Catalog Heaven is almost mesmerizing. The creator obviously put a lot of effort into the selection GUI. The GUI is very well organized, as it contains subtopics to narrow your search such as a search bar, a pricing subtopic (R$ and tix) and an item type subtopic (hat, gear, etc.). With this you can alter your appearance or test anything you want. Everything ever published is included, so you can test those items you never had the chance to buy. Also you have the ability to use a GUI that toggles the force field around your spawning area. This can be useful as it makes it possible to test gravity effecting gears such as balloons or the gravity coil. Although this is true, upon visiting I learned it was more utilized for sniping people below or quicker transportation the  map below. The last scripted item was the teleportation pad inside the spawning room that took you immediately to the map. Sadly people would then wait for you to teleport and then spawn kill.

Gameplay: 8/10
     There is much to do in the small map. You can test virtually anything before you buy it, such as testing a new look or just testing any gear you want. Sadly many people come here to gain knockouts from new and inexperienced players. They select drastically over powered weapons and kill anyone; not caring if they are only testing docile gear. Although fighting and testing are the main purposes of the game, there are more than just those two aspects. You can also just hang out with friends or even make new friends. My favorite thing to do in Catalog Heaven has to be dueling with friends on one of the two bridges that hang over the spike pit. Although the only pitfall of this is other players or your opponent may place traps that turn invisible after some time. This can also be a useful tactic by standing on the bridge surrounded by traps and lure people out and into the traps. 

Popularity in the Community: 8/10
     The place is more popular with experienced players than those of new. This mostly because the experienced players are more apt to know the best weapons and how to use them against less educated and newer players. Feedback from a friend of mine, Skitty7, who frequently plays there says that,"It's a lot of fun to test everything but there are occasionally those really annoying people who just spawn kill and prevent you from having fun testing things like lol gears or silly hat combinations."

Popularity to Me: 10/10
     I really like this place as it brings out the joy in me while testing silly hats or gears with fun effects. I can get an entire server to laugh with me or at me with my quirky anttics I can show off with these gears and hats at my disposal. I would really enjoy to see this place flourish with good fighters, but also ones that can step back for a moment and just laugh it off.

Overall Score: 9/10

Many thanks to Regilord for providing this brilliant Community Article!