Saturday, June 9, 2012

Retexture Weekend!

It's getting close to summer, and BrightEyes has taken a lot of user-made retextures to be released. One of them, the Overseer's Eye, has gotten lots of attention in the community and sparks debate that the Overseer's Eye will be the next Crimson Catseye. Another retexture, the Rainbow Fedora, has been disputed in the community as many think it would fail as a hat. Last weekend, six retextures were published and here is a summary of each.

Redcliff Cowl

The first retexture published was the Redcliff Cowl, an excellent retexture by BloxFlakes that our blog discovered. It is at the price of 125 robux and is for Builder's Club Members only. It has already become a favorite with the ROBLOX community, selling over 1,000 copies and gaining over 300 favorites.

Rainbow Equinox

The next retexture published was the Rainbow Equinox by grumpyhumpy. While it's not the best retexture (it's just a rainbow texture applied to a hat), it is a winning limited. It was originally 100 robux and had 1,500 in stock. It then rose all the way to 2,000 robux, making this the first limited in a while that has risen to high numbers.

Soldier Of The Fade

The Soldier of the Fade is the next hat in the Fade line of hats. (The first was the Knight of the Fade.) It was created by Turtwigz who created Knight of the Fade as well. It was limited and was 400 robux with 1,000 in stock. Due to having too many in stock it failed for profit, but it is a great looking hat and would recommend buying it.

Azurewrath: Lord of Destruction

The newest hat in the Azurewrath line, Azurewrath: Lord of Destruction is an excellent retexture by dastuke. It was limited and was 5,000 robux like the Psychadelic Top Hat and Glaurung the Greedy, two other limited hats released recently. However, like the Psychadelic Top Hat and Glaurung the Greedy, it had way too many in stock. This Azurewrath hat had 250 in stock and sold extremely slow. It failed for profit, but it is a great hat.

 Plaid Snowboarder

Another retexture released last weekend was the Plaid Snowboarder by BLOX31. It's not limited and at the price of 55 robux. Even though this hat should have come out in winter rather than summer, it is still a "cool" hat.

Alligator Skin Top Hat

The last retexture released last weekend was the Alligator Skin Top Hat, made by JohnnyFlight. It's a nice southern-themed top hat at a good price of 500 robux. It's not selling very fast though because many like the other retextures much more than this.

The retextured hats last week were pretty epic, and were some of the best limiteds I've seen this year. Keep your "overseeing" eyes on the lookout because there are still lots of retextures BrightEyes has taken that aren't out yet, especially the Overseer's Eye.

- NonstopEpic, Catalog Manager