Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Classic hat review: Bandana

So, today I decided to have a look at the "Bandana", an old hat, and an old favourite hat of many, and this is how the review went.

Basic Stats:

-Created 1/27/2008
-Favorited 11,669 times
-Total Sold 17,736
Genre: All
-Description "This bandana is perfect for specialists on secret missions and kung-fu masters, as well as for people who just want their hat to billow dramatically in the wind."

The mesh of the Bandana is pretty small, and may be hard
to make out if you're wearing 2-3 hats, but otherwise it fits
well around the head.

The texture for the Bandana is a plain, green-grey shade, which
is pretty basic, but I think it suits the hat to black or any other
colour, lacks detail though.

The hat is perfect for people who want to pretend to be a ninja, 
so that is it's strong point, it may not have taken long to come up with,
as it is a fairly simple concept for a popular type of style.

At 600 tickets, I think you get good value for your money, as 600 tickets is
only about 60 robux, which may take a while for non-bc'ers to attain,
but I think if you bought it you would be pleased with your purchase.

I highly recommend this hat, as you have many different choices of
how you want to wear it, and looks great on your character, and
at 600 tickets you can't really go wrong.

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