Monday, June 25, 2012

In-Depth Trade Currency Guide

Trade Currency, or TC as I will be calling it, is an extremely easy way to make large amounts of money with little risk involved. I turned 1500R$ into 1700 R$ in just half an hour of doing it. It takes advantage of the fact that the Roblox TC does not have a fee attached and does not auto trade currency if the rates overlap. But that's getting to the advanced stuff, here's how to make quick money with it.


At least 100 Robux (could work with less, although not as well)
This guide
This chrome extension (optional)*

Once you have all those, let's get started on our way to make insane amounts of money.
*If you want to learn more about this, read the section about it near the end.

Step 1: Navigate to the Roblox TC page. 

Click on your Robux or Tix -> Click the Trade Currency tab

Use THIS link

Step 2: Open up your calculator

Your calculator doesn't have to be fancy, the one on your computer should work alright.

Step 3: Learn the interface

It is EXTREMELY important to know the things you see on the TC page or else you will lose money. It might look complicated at first, however, I've simplified it to the 7 important parts you need to know to be able to make money.
Figure 1 - The spread of the rates at that particular time. To you, this means the amount of money you are going to make. Larger spread = better, however, there is a way to make money with negative spread that I am not going to explain in this guide.
Figure 2 - The Robux to Tix rate. You only need to look at the top number that is after the "@", in this case, the 9.9511
Figure 3 - The Tix to Robux rate. You only need to look at the top number that is after the "@" and the "1:", in this case, the 10.157
Figure 4 - Market Order or Limit Order. ALWAYS have it on Limit Order.
Figure 5 - The trade window where you put the numbers of Robux and Tix you want to trade.
Figure 6 - This box, when checked, allows your trade to be split into smaller trades. It is RECOMMENDED that you leave it checked for faster trades.
Figure 7 - Submit trade button.

Step 4: Start trading and making money.

NOTE: This guide assumes you start with Robux and there is a positive spread, if you have Tix, simply trade it over to Robux.
NOTE 2: Things in parenthesis " (  ) " are from the hypothetical situation above. Your numbers will be different.

1. The first thing you want to do is to input the amount of money you want to trade into your calculator. I recommend you start small (like 100 R$) just so you will not lose too much if you mess up.

2. Starting with Robux, you want to look the the Robux ratio to the right and pick a number slightly less than that. (In the case above, it is 10.157, so I pick 10.145)

3. Input the amount of money you want to trade with and MULTIPLY the ratio to it. Make sure to round down. (In this case, 100*10.145=1014.5, round down to 1014 tix)

4. Type the trade into the trade window. (What I'll give: 100 Robux.....What I want: 1014 Tickets)

5. If you did it right, your trade should now appear at the top of the Robux trade window. Now, simply wait until you get your tickets.

6. Now that you have the tickets from the last trade, look to the tickets trade window and find the ratio, then pick a number slightly LARGER than that. (In this case, 9.9511, so I pick 10.000)

7. Take the tickets you received (1014) DIVIDE it by the tickets ratio (10.000). Make sure to round down. (1014/10.000=101.4 rounded down to 101R$)

8. Type in the trade just like before but make sure you offer tickets for Robux this time.

9. Enjoy your profit! (We made a 1% profit of 1R$, however, you will make more profit the more money you use.)

The Chrome Extension

The extension is extremely helpful in that it has real-time updates of the spread on TC. I use it mostly so that I do not miss a time of really high spread ( >300) while I am surfing the web.

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