Saturday, June 16, 2012

Video Place Review #4: Legend of the Shattered Rune RPG

     Yes, the fourth video place review has finally been released after several months of being absent. I decided to try out the new popular RPG on the market "Legend of the Shattered Rune," which is still in it's beta stages. (Reminder: This review was made during the beta stage, if you are reading this when the game is in the normal stage and you think this review is wrong, I'd suggest for you to check the date of this post.) 

Scripting: 10/10. It's extremely obvious that this place has many scripts inside of it.
Tools: 10/10. All necessary tools are provided to kill those trolls!
Building: 11/10. It's so majestic. Such a well built game. An extra point.
Community Enjoyment: 10/10. Everyone enjoys this game a lot, they return to it often.
Originality: 5/10. I've seen too many RPG type games in my life.
Creativity: 10/10. Nice job.
Deals with Problems: 9/10. Only one problem, trolls with no legs or arms equals disaster.
Reviewer's Experience with Lag: 10/10. No lag was experienced.
Difficulty: Hard. It gets easier along the way, but at first it's hard.
Reviewer's Enjoyment: 10/10. I've visited the place again.
Reviewer's Recommendation: 10/10. Even if you're not into RPG, I'd suggest you play this game.
Thumbnail's Review: 12/10. So... beautiful.
Scenery: 11/10. So... majestic.

Overall: 10.5/10 Really good game, enjoyed every part of it.

Yes, I realize I gave extra points, this will happen again when I see another awesome place.

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Also, thanks for bearing with my background noises, I apologize.