Sunday, June 24, 2012

Announcing User Item Reviews!

Hello there my fellow Roblox News Viewers! Today is the announcement of a brand new thing to hit Roblox News! That's right I'm talking about User Item Reviews. I, TREVOR818730 whom haven't been active a lot on RN, but now I will, because I will be occupied with these reviews.

There is a release date for each review, once every 2 - 3 days anew User Item Review will be made. Seeming I will go around and about looking for items, I need items that aren't noticed as well. These User Item Reviews will be reviewing two items per review. Item categories are models, shirts, pants, t-shirts and decals. Very rarely will there be decals and t-shirts. Now you can ask me on twitter for an item of yours to get reviewed. My twitter is TREVORRBLX. Thanks for reading and be ready! Sincerely, Trevor