Saturday, June 23, 2012

Interview with 15rawsone!

Hello there RN fans! I managed to catch up with the forumer: 15rawsone for an interview!

1) How did you find out about ROBLOX? What was your first impression of the game? 

 - My brother (tre2vor) introduced me to ROBLOX sometime in 08. 

2) When you first joined, what was your favourite aspect about the site? 

 - When I first joined, I liked the fact there wasn't a swarming mass of users. 

3) What is your favourite aspect now? 

- I like foruming in ROBLOX Talk a lot. 

4) What is your favourite genre of place on ROBLOX? Why?

 - My favorite genre of game is Sword Fighting. 

5) Do you have a favourite place?

- Yes. It is Sword Fight on the Heights by Shedletsky 

6) When did you start foruming? 

 - Late 2011 

7) Which forum do you usually post to? Why? 

 - ROBLOX Talk, because it is seemingly more active than the other sections.

8) What was the first item you ever purchased from the catalog? 

 - 2009 ROBLOX Visor 

9) When browsing the catalog, what do you look for? 

 - I rarely buy hats, but when I do, I look for interesting and classic hats. 

10) And finally, milkshake or icecream?

 - Ice Cream ;)