Thursday, October 31, 2013

Interview with PoliticalJustice

PoliticalJusticeThis Hallow's Eve I bring you a special interview with none other than PoliticalJustice - the user who leaked the rumoured 'Ghostdeeri' texture. Check it out below!

1) How many gifts did you purchase this year? How much total Robux did this amount to? 
I purchased all of them. With over 596k, I didn't really check the prices of the gifts, you know? I just clicked buy.

2) Would you say this Robux was well spent? Why? 
Well, not really. I could've cashed out, which is what I will be doing with my remaining R$532,871

3) Which was your favourite gift item? Why?
My favorite gift item was "Sinister V". Beauty comes within simplicity.

4) In comparison with previous Halloween gifts, what is your opinion on this year's?
This year, the gifts were in fact a bit creative, although ROBLOX did get lazy, and took advantage of a copyright loophole. This is why "Shriek" was released. We all know where it came from.

5) I understand you were the user who leaked the 'Ghostdeeri' texture. Could you tell us about the immediate reaction of the community and the action taken by ROBLOX?
People were downright annoyed, and some were excited. A "Dusekkar" retexture pushed buyers away, while at the same time, boosting it. The action taken against me was fair. I was warned thrice and when I leaked it on ATR, stating I was warned but decided to post anyways, my alt was deleted, and my account was placed under an investigation, which was later lifted 5 hours later. I've learned never to leak again.

6) How did you find the Ghostdeeri texture? 
Well, if I shared this information, then all of ROBLOX could leak. It really isn't that difficult. Plugin scanners help a lot.

7) Would you say ROBLOX need to tighten their security in terms of pre-released catalog assets?
Deleting an alt, and placing my account investigation is proof enough that they are obviously taking more steps to it. It's considered "site exploitation".

8) When the Big BOOtiful Gift of Destiny opened to reveal the Doomsekkar, what were your views?
I was glad, because it looked better than Ghostdeeri. However, the threads on "Let's Make a Deal" showed extreme anger towards me, because textures were changed.

9) What suggestions and ideas do you have for the Halloween Gift event next year?
To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't change it. It's a good system. 13 days of gifts, and an event with free items.
It's unfortunate, however, that I will not be around, as I will be a full active duty United States Air Force Airman 1st class.

10) If you could sum up the Halloween Gifts 2013 in one word, what would it be?

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