Thursday, March 27, 2014

Adventure Forward: Star Savior, a game by Explode1

Explode1, mostly known for his popular roleplay/adventure hybrid Paper Roblox 2: Beyond the Fold and challenging obstacle course Super Bowser Minions has come back with a game that is in a way a hybrid, Adventure Forward: Star Savior. Without further introduction, let's get on with the reason you came here.

The game plays like your traditional entry in the "adventure" genre on ROBLOX; traverse through many worlds for some sort of collectible (i.e. stars, tokens) and prevail over whatever crazy things that may come forward to prevent you from reaching that goal. In this case we're dealing with stars and red coins. While it doesn't exactly turn the genre upside down, there is a lot of inspiration and other things to keep the experience interesting.

As with most of these kinds of games we have a story, and where there's a story we have why we have to collect said object(s). A mysterious figure known as "Stratosfear" has knocked the stars out of the sky, quite literally. He has proceeded to block off areas of Maytown, which serves as the game's hub and has prevented anyone from being able to remedy this mess. Thankfully, you are just the hero they need to traverse the worlds, find the stars, and defeat Stratosfear.

Each world is relatively well sized, featuring seven stars each and eight red coins that are usually hidden in sneaky places off the beaten path. There are also a few "fetch quests" here and there which require you to find something for an NPC in the area and they'll give you a star if you bring it back. Surprisingly there's quite a bit to do if you're not satisfied with the content that is already offered within the 7 diverse and well-built worlds, Maytown has several secrets of it's own which can lead to pretty easy, or pretty difficult areas offering their own bonus stars.

From my knowledge this is the first game in this genre to use the new sounds system ROBLOX has put in, well, games released at least. The music chosen is from many nostalgic Nintendo and Sega games, along with quite a bit more references I can't even begin to correctly identify. One of Explode's biggest strengths by far is how he tackles the building style and personality he seems to attach to all of his games. Something people need to learn is if they're going to make a game like this, personality is key. Personality is what people will look for in your game to differentiate it from the rest of the offered alternatives.

With that said Adventure Forward: Star Savior is a welcome addition to the nowadays slim library of this genre, with a whopping 51 stars to collect and only 32 being required to finish the story. As I said previously there is a lot offered and I would recommend you attempt to 100% the game. The secret ending, without spoiling much, is interesting and plays on one of his previous games. Oh right, I also forgot to mention that the game's difficulty will start to spike by the time you get to world 5, The Clocktower and onward to the end.

I wouldn't think of this as much of a "review" as it is more of an overview. I may try to keep my posts from now on like this rather than just going straight out and saying if a game's good or bad, and leaving that up to the viewer. My goal is to inform people of interesting games that I don't think get as much attention as they deserve, so there will be an attempt to keep things from going too biased but I can't really promise much.

After that I think you get the point, if you have any sort of suggestions for what I could do to improve my posts, please leave criticisms in the comments. Until next time.