Thursday, March 6, 2014

Apocalypse Games: Specialty Insight

Apocalypse Games:
Specialty Insight

Hello! Pbjms here. I know, you may all get confused at me writing this. "But pb, you're a catalog analyst... why are you reviewing a game!?" Oh please. I'm not just a catalog analyst. I am also, as few of you may know, an ARAB. ARAB stands for Apocalypse Rising Advisory Board, so basically, I have input on Apocalypse Rising updates and stuff like that. (As many of you would call it, I'm an Apocalypse Rising Admin). So, I have the availability to already play the Apocalypse Games. Of course, I'm mainly going to go over what you guys already know, because I'm fun like that. Maybe a spoiler or two. Maybe.

So when you start off, you're in a nice little lobby made by Gusmanak. It looks like a space station, and before the game was announced, we had people believing that "Apocalypse Rising in Space" was coming out, that was fun. Anyways, a showcase of the lobby can be found in a link that is right about... here. It looks fantastic, applause to Gusmanak. The colors in the lobby specify the theme colors of Apocalypse Games, grey and yellow. In the lobby are different shops where you will be able to customize your starting gear before each round, along with upgrade guns with different attachments and such.

As the description of the lobby showcase says, the real magic is happening at ZolarKeth's testing grounds, which, of course, it is.

The whole game is there, and it's fully functional. Well not fully. Anyways, I'm just going to go over some things that were covered in a forum post, but with some experience from a guy who's actually played the game.

This game will consist of different maps and different game modes. Some maps featured are Union Square, the Radio Tower, Prison, and Pitts Park. Of course there are other maps, but I'm not going to get into that just yet. Before each round starts, you and the players you are with have the power to chose which map they wish to play at, along with which game mode they are playing. Some game modes include team combat, free for all, and other popular paintball-like games, like capture the flag. Of course there are other game modes, but that's a surprise (just like tons of other stuff that is being covered here).

Each of the different maps are taken from the larger scaled map, and cut off around the edges to make it a smaller version of a specific area in the map, for example, Union Square, as shown in the picture to the right. Most of the things in the map are exactly the same as the same location on the full sized map. Anyways, there's tons of maps, each taken from the larger scaled map at Apocalypse Rising.

There are also many different game modes, each fought in the different maps. Something like Team Death match is basically just Survivors vs. Bandits fighting against each other to see which team can gather the most kills. Something like Capture the Flag is just, well, like capture the flag. Obviously those aren't the only game modes, more will be revealed when the game is unleashed!

The main thing that makes Apocalypse Games so much more different than Apocalypse Rising is the shop. In the lobby, you have the availability to purchase different guns, melee weapons, backpacks, and outfits in different shops. You can set up a 'starting spawn' kind of thing, but of course there will still be loot scattered around the map. Each thing in the shops needs to be unlocked with Research Points, or RP, which are just unlocked by playing the game. Once they're unlocked, you have to buy the item with Credits, or CR. You get CR by damaging people and zombies, yeah, it doesn't matter if you kill or not. Also in the shop are attachments that you can unlock for your guns for when you first spawn. The more you use a gun, the more attachments and mags you unlock for it.

That's all from me, now. Stay tuned though, it's not far from completion, and I've heard that one of our new writers, CYANICALCHRIS has "CALLED DIBS" on writing a review of the game when it comes out.

Thanks for reading, and be prepared for the Apocalypse Games!