Sunday, March 16, 2014

ROBLOX Egg Hunt 2014: What to expect

GET READY EVERYBODY! The Egg Hunt is coming. Based on like 10 leaks I found, I'm going to be
predicting pretty much everything that there is to predict for the upcoming egg hunt, which has been confirmed to be released sometime this year on a recording of The Next Level, along with the Bloxcasts. Anyways, I'm just going to be addressing some questions that I'm sure all of you had. Nothing here is 100% verified, well, except for some things.

When will the egg hunt be released?

Simple answer to this: I dunno. Last year, Easter was on March 31st, this year, it's on April 20th. Based on some calculations, I can infer that the hunt will come out around April 10th, though I honestly have absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt, no i-d-e-a. 
Also, just for the record, the eggs themselves will most likely be uploaded at the end of this month, though I expect more news at the next Bloxcast, whenever that'll be, though based on past months, I'm guessing it'll be this Saturday, March 22nd.

What will the eggs look like?

Yeah, I still don't know. New meshes, old meshes, probably some ugly ones, a few good ones. That's my prediction.

What will the map look like?

Eh, I don't really know for sure, though this is where things get interesting..
 One of the leaks that I found is a rabbit. When you hear rabbit, you think Easter, right? Well, no. You don't. When you hear rabbit, you think of rabbits. Anyways, so the rabbit is like a giant stretched out monster thing called a "Test Bunny," or, a "Test Subject Bunny." The mesh is too big to be a hat, and was uploaded without a texture. What could this mean? Well it means it's for a game. And what ROBLOX game involves rabbits? The egg hunt. 
These are the meshes, though I edited them to give
you guys a good idea of what they will actually look like in the game.
So, here's my master plan: The egg hunt will be utilizing some of ROBLOX's newest features, mainly Universes and Consumables. How does that work? Well, there are different egg universes, each with their own maps and eggs, though some eggs are found in all of the maps. ROBLOX had announced somewhere, I have no idea where, that they are going to be working on making it so badges can just be in the lobby place of a universe then spread throughout all of the universe places, which is going to be used for the egg hunt.
So some of the universes will include a space/sci-fi area, home to my friend the Test Subject Rabbit, and a grassland/forest area, home to the countless of trees that I've found. That's all I've got, sadly. I expect more stuff will be uploaded very soon, though.

UPDATE (All above stuff is supposedly not true according to Chief):
This forum thingy was posted by ChiefJustus on a forum somewhere but I have no idea where so I have no idea if it's legitimate or not.. anyways,
So uh, I guess you should all stay tuned to the Livestream this Saturday..

That's about it for now, though expect another post once the hunt is announced, and then another post when the hunt is out, that one will be reviewing all of the eggs and giving tips and stuff just like I did with the Witching Hour and Winter Games. Hopefully this event will be better than those.

Until then, I'm pbjms, and I hope to see you all on the train.
....The hype train.
   For the egg hunt.