Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ray's Lesson on Neckbeards and how to properly tip le fedora

Why, hello M'lady! You are looking resplendent today, more beautiful than MLP! We'll be taking an in-depth look at recent fedora meshes, and comparing them with others, as a nice, colorful change of pace.

I. The mesh
So, as I have noticed recently, Roblox likes to use the same mesh over and over again for fedoras. It's with the Roblox Pinstripe Fedora, and the Jack O Latern Fedora. The problem I have is that the're far too tiny. It sits about .2 of a stud too high above one's head, and overall looks terrible. Sure, most fedoras are a tad small, but with this mesh, the brim barley covers one's head. If I might add, the textures for the most part are fantastic (with the exception of a streched out blur), but the mesh needs an overhaul.
Jack O Lantern Fedora
This is not resplendent.
II. Good Meshes
So now, I will have to explain the main accesory of a neckbeard's outfit: le fedora. If you look in the picture, the neckbeard's fedora just fits on his head. I believe the technical term for these kind of small fedoras are triblies, not fedoras. A real fedora would be more setson-like, and have a long brim that clearly covers the head. We have very few examples of this on roblox, but my favorite would be The Leopard Fedora or the Deadly Fedora. They have a wide brim and are very good looking, great to draw in all le internet gals.

Deadly Fedora
The big fedoras are the best.
III. Conclusion

So what do I recommend for people who didn't purchase early access for The Witching Hour? First off, right choice. Second, any hat with a good, wide brim like Classic FedoraBrown Wool Fedora (If you can stand the texture), and the three white fedoras, like Cardinal Fedora. Absolutley stay away from tall, narrow fedoras such as Silver Snake Fedora (sorry, Duke Silver).
Red Sparkle Time Fedora
Obviously these are good fedoras.
And I'm sure, Trilbians and Stestonians alike, we can all disapprove of one fedora:

Fedora Coffee®

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