Friday, March 28, 2014

Twisted Plastic 2 Guide and Review

Twisted Plastic 2 [MEGA UPDATE]_Image

Hello readers, RayMan36 here with esentially a 3D Tank Wars. I'm talking about the awesome Twisted Plastic 2 by Taymaster. I'll give first a review, then a guide to help get the full value of the game.
To start off, Twisted Plastic 2 is a great game that excells in all areas. I'll be grading the Building, Scripting, and Gameplay.

Building- 10/10
Sure, there isn't any extremely advanced building, but this game's building is great. Each individual part looks like something off a tank, and the fewer the parts make the game run faster. It looks very nice.

Scripting- 10/10
The scripting here is phenomenal. From the awesome handling of the cars, to the dual machine guns, to the rocket explosions, to even the death of a player and the explosion of parts, the scripting is breathtaking. Taymaster obviously poured his heart and soul into this game, with great results. The guis are fantastic, and I hardly ever expirenced a bug.

Gameplay- 10/10
What's more fun than blowing up other people? Nothing, and Twisted Plastic is surely the most fun of the lot. It's sometimes challenging, sometimes easy, and simple to pick up and start. The use of gamepasses surely make the game more fun, but they aren't necessary. Everything in this game is great.

This'll be in order of when someone first joins to when they become an unstoppable Barry Bonds.

I. First Encounter
So when you join, there'll be a garage. This is where you customize your vechile. You can't customize yet, so hit "Spawn". You will be thrust into a field with other newbies, and you must kill them for points and expirence. To shoot, press 1 on your keyboard to open the "Controls" tool. then, click once. the gun you have is automatic, and fires without clicking. Most guns are automatic, with the exception of the disc things. Anyway, that's how you start. Keep ruthlessley murdering shooting your enemies to level up, and earn credits which can be used to buy things in the shop, in the starting place. You will leave your crib at level 6, where you can play with the big boys.

II. Some Expirence
So after you are inthe big arena, it can be hard  to level up. But most there are about level 9, so don't worry. Prey on the weaker leveled/ low healthed opponents, or team up with someone. When you have the chance, buy better items. I wouldn't get a paint job until you can't buy anyrthing else. Also, the 100% Credit Boost is really helpful, and probably the best gamepass, other than gems. Speaking of that, gems are another currency in the game. They can buy certain items, and are moderatley expensive for robux. The easiest way to get these is to follow Taymaster (the creator) on twitter, where he releases codes for gems. So far there is only one code, and I will not give it out here.

III. Good items
So obviously most of these are going to cost a fortune. But play enough and you should be able to afford these.
Primary- Blue Laser/Red Laser
The Blue laser can be unlocked for 50 R$, and taymaster's twitter code. It is very good. The Red laser is at 5000 credits, a hefty price tag.
Secondary- Dual Rockets
These are really the only damaging secondary weapons. Pretty cheap at 1800 credits.
Other- Armor/Engine
These look like they wouldn't help you in the game, but infact they do. Armour greatly reduces the damage done to you, and engines make you way more powerful ad fast.

Overall, Twisted Plastic 2 is a very fun car combat game. It has a very good use of gamepasses, and will keep a user occupied for quite some time.

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