Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hat Review: Rainbow Hatbot


Rainbow Hatbot
Mesh/Texture: 10/10
This is one of, if not the most, awesome retextures of 2014 so far. It uses the same mesh as Mr. Hatbot, but every aspect of it has been turned rainbow. The black top hat part now cycles through every color of the rainbow and the eyes have become small color wheels. The arms and antenna remained the same, but it's barely noticeable. There isn't much else to say. Mr. Hatbot completely rainbowfied.

Price: 10/10
I'm certain nobody saw the price of this hat coming. A RAINBOW VERSION of MR. HATBOT?! It's gonna be through-the-roof expensive! I'd better sell all of my limiteds right now! That's what everyone was thinking, right? Well, wrong. The price of this amazing retexture turned out to only be 500 robux! That's only 10% of Mr. Hatbot's original price and about 15% of its current selling prices. I'm sure everybody who has 500 robux to spare was overjoyed when they found out how cheap it was. Rainbow Hatbot was on sale for 500 robux for a little less than 2 days and then went offsale at 1,558 sales. Congratulations to those 1,558 people, you now own an epic hat which will undoubtedly be worth more than its original price in the event of it going limited. 

Overall: 10/10
How could I NOT give this hat a 10/10? It's a rainbow version of Mr. Hatbot which was an amazing hat to begin with, it looks amazing, and it was only 500 ROBUX! Good job, ROBLOX, good job.