Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Staff Bio: Legoseed

Hi everyone!  It's legoseed here, and I'm beyond happy to be hired as a new game journalist! I thought I'd take a moment to explain my story and my roles on this blog.

My journey on Roblox began in September of 2008. I was very much interested in Lego bricks at the time, and I found Roblox by searching "Free Online Lego Games" in Google.  6 years later, I'm still here!

I'm particularly known on Roblox as an active forum member. Having 40,000+ current posts, I forum mostly in Roblox Talk, Off Topic, and Roblox Global! I'm known around the forums as a nice and helpful member, who posts recipes, food photography, and my piano videos often!

Aside from foruming, I'm also an avid game developer! I have 39,000+ total place visits, and 18,000+  active game visits.

As for my contribution to Roblox News, I will be posting in-depth articles on new and popular games! You'll see a detailed play-by-play of the gameplay, and even some screenshots and videos of the experience in-game. If there's no current new-and-popular games, I will occasionally publish articles on lesser known games, which I find interesting and intriguing!

I am excited to begin my position on the blog, and I will be providing fun articles for your entertainment.

Thanks for reading!