Thursday, March 20, 2014

Place Review: The Mirror Game

Unless you don't watch the official ROBLOX Twitch channel or look at the ROBLOX blog, you would have probably heard of 'The Mirror Game' by cheatmaster18. It is an obstacle course, however, it's not your average or usual obstacle course. It's an obstacle course based almost entirely on reflection which certainly sounds very interesting.

When you first enter the game, you will see a sign which gives you basic hints. For level 1, the hint is to look at the mirror which displays blocks that you can jump on. Acknowledge that the blocks are hidden on the dimension that you are on, but they are still there. This is crucial as many levels feature conditions similar but harder. Others require you to enter a portal and press a button. This type of level is present on level 2 and 7. Of course, there are things that can help you win each level. The free gear include a torch and a flash-light, which are used for places that are dark. There are also paid game cheats which are utilise the new 'developer products' feature. They are: Skip a level (1000 Tickets or 100 Robux); Make yourself undeadly for 30 seconds (same price as skip a level); Reflect yourself (250 tix or 25 robux); Admin Commands (10000 tix or 1000 robux). Now, in my opinion, I suggest that if you were to buy a game cheat, in most cases, get the one which skips the current level. Also, I wouldn't exactly recommend the admin commands, since I don't exactly know what types of commands you would receive.

Okay, so, that's the developer-products and game-passes covered, now on to bugs and glitches of which this game endures. There isn't a lot of bugs in the game, but they can be "annoying". The one that I hate the most is where after you die the first time, you see a reflection of myself harbouring no pieces of clothing in the mirror. The next one is not a bug, rather an annoying thing about the game. You see, normally when you want to chat with other people, you press '/'. However, in this game, you have to press 'C', which can be confusing. Other minor bugs include climbing up stairs or jumping with only one hand while the other hand remains in the same coordinates.

Even though this is an obstacle course, like the rest, it stands out very much. By adding the element of reflection, it's not hard to see why even ROBLOX staff like the game. Whether they are a self-proclaimed 'obby expert' who wants to challenge themselves or they are just regular Robloxians like me, this obstacle course is definitely one that I would recommend.

Score: 8.5/10


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