Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Roblox News Egg Hunt 2014: Retexturing Contest!

As many of you know, we are in the process of developing our annual Easter Egg Hunt which will span a number of maps and dozens of different eggs. As with every year, we are looking to outdo ourselves both in terms of scale, but also quality of the user experiences. However, while we are toiling away scripting eggs and building universes, we have little time to create the egg designs themselves!

This is where you come in! For our hunt we require a multitude of different egg designs to spruce things up and make sure that each egg feels and looks unique when compared to the next. We are looking for user submitted retextures to add to our count - with the best ones being selected to feature in our game with full credit given! We want you to be creative with your designs and produce work that is unlike any other eggs we have seen on ROBLOX. Simplicity is often the best course of action, so don't think that your retexture has to be complicated and detailed if the design/theme doesn't really warrant it. This set may provide some inspiration: 2014 Eggs.

How to enter:
Crimson Leaf Floral Egg
1. Any egg hat can be retextured - this means you can use the meshes from the 2013, 2012, 2010 and 2008 egg hunts. Do be aware that the basic egg mesh is the easiest to retexture and can often lead to the best results. There are a number of basic egg meshes from numerous years, I suggest you use this one as it is the simplest to retexture, and makes it easy to spot the oval area where the texture goes. Here is quick list of more eggsravagant ones you may want to retexture:
2. Recolours are permitted, but unless you have performed something really clever, they are unlikely to be chosen to feature in our hunt

3. You can send as many entries as you want - please try to keep them within one private message (it makes the collection process a lot easier). If you have a large amount of entries, it would be advisable to send  them as a set.

The requirements to enter this retexturing contest are simple:

HAL 9000 Egg *arbirator & CloneTrooper1019 took!*1. Upload your creation as a ROBLOX model with 'egg' somewhere in the title. In the description, please insert the tag 'RN Egg Hunt 2014'. Make sure the model is freely available - this is important.

2. Copy the URL (link) of the model and private message it to Arbirator. I will be creating a set in order to store all of the egg entries

The winners will be announced  on April 6th 2014, so you have just under two weeks to complete your entries and send them in. Good luck to all contestants! I hope to see some fantastic designs!

Editor of Roblox News