Wednesday, March 26, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Recap!

Hello, RayMan36 here with the most confusing sale ever. I'm talking about the Saint Patrick's Day Weekend hats and sales.

I. On the first day of St. Patrick's day, Roblox admins gave to me...
In a nutshell, deppressing hats. Everything was either overpriced or ugly. I'm going to rank these by worst to best.
6th place- Skull Patrick
Skull Patrick
Sure, it looks good, but dive a little deeper and one will find that's not the case. Having a reasonably overpriced tag of 500 Robux, only a few people bought it. The worst, though, is how the skull looks. Skull Patrick looks as if someone smashed him with a pot of gold in the face. I'm not giving a score for any of these; they're all pretty low.
5th Place- Leprechaun Gnome
Leprechaun Gnome
There isn't as much wrong with this, but it looks as if the admins didn't really try. It was good priced at 135 Robux.
4th Place- St. Paddy's Headband
St. Paddy's Headband
This was an overall good hat, but it just wasn't useful. It was just a $75 wig with a weird top hat on top.
3rd Place- St. Catrick
St. Catrick
A distant cousin of a hard working feline, this cat looked purrfect. He had a nice texture, a good mesh, and a reasonable price of 150 Robux. Just, why would anyone want it?

2nd Place- Happy Time Magic Shamrock Hat
Happy Time Magic Shamrock Hat
This hat was a high ranker because it was alike to the Happy Time Magic Flower Hat. It was at an okay price of 777 Robux.
1st place- Lucky Charm Bunny Ears
Lucky Charm Bunny Ears
This hat had a fantastic texture, a relatively cheap price of R$250, and was a retexture made by our past assistant-editor, IBarrageI. This was the best of that day.

Day #2
The day after, we had two hats. One was a terrrible limited, and the other was a bit overpriced. Brighteyes said one would go limited, and it skyrocketed in price. I'd call it the bridge between the two sales because we had a terrible item, like the previous sale, and a great item, like the future sale.

2nd place- Viridian Headphones
Viridian Headphones
These were a retexture of the famous Clockwork's Headphones, and cost R$5000 with 500 in stock. It failed as a limited, and it doesn't look very well done. The sides of the headphones looks great, but the band at the top looks stretched and out of place.
1st Place- Fancy St. Patrick's Fedora
Fancy St. Patrick's Fedora
First off, this is a very nice hat. I bought it originally for looks. The day after, it went limited, and after only having 160 in stock, it quickly rose to a 9,000 Robux limited. I sold mine for around 8k, because St. Patricks day was ending and I knew it would plummet.

Day #3
Next, we had what I would call one of the best sales in a while. Almost all of the items were great, and at a reasonable price.
4th place- St. Patrick's Sad Frog
St. Patrick's Sad Frog
This is a good shoulder pet, and really cheap at 77 Robux. Unfortunatley, it just looks a little pudgy and the mesh isn't detailed. Is that why he's sad?
3rd Place- Ancient Lucky Top Hat
Ancient Lucky Top Hat
This was a good regular St. Patrick's top hat, and was very cheap for R$50. This is at third place because the other two items were great looking and even better value!
                                                                 2nd Place- Luckysphere
This was a great hat with a nice texture, and a steal at R$100. It was also a retexture by former blog owner and testing monkey, DarkGenex.
1st Place- Rainbow Hatbot
Rainbow Hatbot
This is such a great hat. Myself being a huge hatbot addict (need I mention Chicago Bloxcon?), I got this in a heartbeat. A great price at R$500, and a great texture and mesh.

Overall, this sale was a rollercoaster of emotions, We had a bad day, and imbetween day, and a fantastic day. Have any suggestions? Want me to stop advertising my suits on the livestreams? (I'm always open for commisions.) Tweet me @rayman36_rblx!