Saturday, March 15, 2014

Gear Friday Review: St. Patrick's Day

This week for gears we got a clover shooting raygun, another gun that shoots rainbows, a snake summoning sword thingy-ma-bob, and Telamon's Irish relative in doll form. Time to move on to those fun reviews!

   Leprachaun's Gold Rainbow Laser Gun   

"This powerful laser gun shoots dangerous rainbows at your foes. Charge to do max damage of 50 points. Look for a surprise at the end of the rainbow!"

Leprachaun's Gold Rainbow Laser GunIf I had to describe this gear in one word, it would be awesome. So you basically do as the description says, charge up the gun and shoot a rainbow. But that's not all. The longer you charge, the more damage you do, being able to do up to 50 damage per rainbow. Also, when the rainbow hits another surface, it also shoots out gold which does nothing, but it just looks awesome. Oh, also, while you charge, there's like these bubble things that fly towards your gun, I don't really understand it, but it's awesome, and a bit laggy, but oh well.

It also looks pretty good, it kind of looks like a water gun, it's mainly yellow. There's shamrocks on it to make it fit the holiday better. The handle is wood, and under the gun is a little container holding all of the rainbow matter that is used to shoot deadly rainbows at your foes. Fun.

The gun came out at a price of 1,000 Robux, which is very fitting. This gear is amazing. It's going off sale after St. Patrick's Day, and if anything is going limited out of the gears going off sale, it'll be this for sure.

Good job scripters and designers, this gear is great.

   Lucky Laser Gun   

"This lucky laser will shoot shamrock shaped pain at your opponent and do 10 damage per hit."

Lucky Laser GunThere isn't much exciting with this gun compared to the other one. You shoot shamrock lasers, which look pretty cool, and you leave a shamrock mark on your foe wherever you shot him/her, and you do 10 damage. That's it though, there's nothing special about this, but oh well. The one problem I have with this is the fact that if you shoot any surface other than another player, you don't leave a shamrock. Oh well.

The gun is pretty ugly. The handle is wood, and then there's a large spherical.. thing.. on top that acts as the main 'gun.' There's a shamrock on both sides of it, then it comes off at a point to shoot the shamrocks which are somehow a lot bigger than the hole to shoot them from. I would've preferred a shamrock-shaped hole or something..

The gun came out priced at 500 Robux, which is a bit much. It's St. Patrick's Day, and this gun isn't very exciting, it should have been 317 robux or something, you know, to fit the holiday. Also, unlike the other gun, this isn't timed to go off sale after St. Patrick's Day.

   Sword of Unvanquished Snakes   

"It's said that Saint Patrick rid Ireland of snakes. What do you think he did with them? Put them in the sword of course! Now you can use this sword's special attack to send 15 snakes slithering dangerously towards your foes. Also functions as a regular sword and does 10 damage per hit. "

Sword of Unvanquished SnakesBesides the large description, this sword is pretty amazing. It acts as a normal sword, and does 10 damage per hit, as you can probably tell by the description. That's not very exciting, but there is a special power. If you hit 'Q,' you summon a bunch of snakes and they get flung around everywhere and, well, hurt people. It's fun to play with.

The sword looks like a, well, sword. It has a gold hilt with a wood handle. The blade itself is grey and has some red jewels encrusted on the bottom of it. That's not all though. The blade opens at the top, why? Well, it's to hold the snake that is curling around the whole blade. Isn't that fun? Too bad the snake is a bit.. bland.

The sword came out as this week's limited, priced at 317 Robux with 1317 in stock.  It's currently selling for about 600 Robux, which will get you about 100 Robux profit. Eh, not too good, but not bad, either.


"Trollamon's favourite Leprechaun friend is here to throw exploding gold at anyone silly enough to try and come near you."

Lepremon, a new item in the trollamon series. This time, it's a leprechaun that throws pots of gold at your enemies instead of chicken. It's fitting, but there isn't anything special with it, but I guess that doesn't really matter, because, well, it's a leprechaun.
I actually have two appearances to go over. The gear itself looks really good, it looks like trollamon, but it's dressed as a leprechaun. The bad thing is the mesh of the pot of gold - which can be seen here being held by the character. You can't see it in the picture, but insert it in-game. It's so low-polygon that it makes my eyes bleed (this means that the mesh isn't smooth like that of the Perfectly Legitimate Business Hat). It's just.. awful. In-game, you also spawn a mini-lepremon just like the past few trollamon-type-things. It looks, all right, I guess. It's holding the low-poly pot of gold which it throws, and it has a top hat on to fit the holiday (the classic Leprechaun Hat. Besides that, it's basically the same as the gear's appearance. I don't know why they didn't just use the original Pot of Gold as the projectile - it's vastly superior in both looks and quality.

This came out pried at 400 Robux, which is fairly understandable. The gear is great, and the price is pretty fitting. So yeah. It's not timed like the rainbow shooter, so that's pretty good, I guess. We'll get to keep buying it forever!

Overall: 8/10

Thanks for reading!