Thursday, March 6, 2014

Roblox News Streaming LIVE!

With the emergence of  Twitch as a popular livestream medium for ROBLOX gameplay, we thought we ought to join in on the fun! Starting from today, Roblox News will be hosting regular livestreams (a couple times a week) with Zakkeh - our Community Manager hosting the streams. We will be streaming ROBLOX gameplay of popular games such as Deathrun 2, Wheel of Fortune, Flood Escape, Strobe, Murder Mystery, the Darkness 2, Paintball, the Stalker and many, many more! In today's livestream we will start at Flood Escape and move onto other popular front page games with high quality gameplay!


Watch live video from RobloxNews on

Thanks for watching, and remember; tune back in soon!

Editor of Roblox News