Friday, March 7, 2014

ROBLOX Wheel of Fortune

Hello everyone, this is my first game review for Roblox News! Today I'll be reviewing a popular game on ROBLOX; "ROBLOX Wheel of Fortune!" made by user alexnewtron.

As some of you may know, alexnewtron is an INSANELY popular game developer on the site. He is the creator of well-known places such as ROBLOX Dodgeball, and PEARS to PAIRS. Alex is back with an updated version of his old Wheel of Fortune game. Including animations, sound effects, a worldwide leaderboard, AND insanely awesome scripts, ROBLOX Wheel of Fortune is the latest installment as to what ROBLOX has to offer.

When you click "PLAY" you are thrown into a mix of a GUI and brick interface (Make sure you have your sound on!). Click "Quick Play" and you're almost ready to begin. Now, comes the waiting. This is something I don't like. It's just my personal opinion, but the waiting period seems too long sometimes. There's no entertainment while you're waiting, so you're just stuck there in some sort of limbo. And when you finally find 2 other players, you have to hope that they click "READY" in time, or else you wait even longer. Alex, if you're reading this, please find a way to improve this. Maybe add a few dancing bananas?

Despite complaining, once you start playing, everything is fun and enjoyable. Your host "ejob" welcomes you to the game (does Alex voice ejob? I think so!) and the first toss up round of the game begins. Be the first to correctly guess, and you get 1,000 (in-game) cash! Whoop whoop! Once that round is over, ejob introduces the players and something "magical" happens! It actaully displays how long ago you joined ROBLOX, and the amount of place visits you have. I find this fascinating. It updates everyday so all the stats are correct and current. Great job Alex!

After that, the game plays exactly how the TV show plays out. You get the option, when it's your turn, to either spin the wheel, buy a vowel, or solve the puzzle. If you spin the wheel, try to avoid landing on a "Bankrupt" wedge, or a "Lose a Turn" wedge. Otherwise, you'll be very disappointed! If you buy a vowel, you can always bet on there being an "E". Try to be the one with the most cash by the end of the game, and you'll go to the *bonus round*! You'll have an extra chance to gather up some more cash there. I made it to the bonus round the first (and second) time I played, but I wasn't able to solve the final puzzle the first time, but I was able to the second time. I got 40,000 extra dollars! As a fan of the TV show, I was glad to see a game that is (almost) an exact replica of the show.

Overall, the game is VERY well scripted. If you didn't know any better, you'd think you were on the actual game show! It runs smoothly, and you don't have to worry about other players killing you (*cough* Apocalypse Rising *cough*). I'd recommend this to anyone out there who wants to play a refreshing game. With over a whopping 160 puzzles, this game will have you guessing all sorts of combinations for the entire time you play! So until next time, enjoy yourself!