Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Maker Faire/ Bloxfaire pros and cons

Coincedence? I think not!
Hello readers, RayMan36 here with free marketing! I'm talking about the new recruit-more-users-not-having-fun approach to this year's World Tour.
So, we've got quite a dillema here. Probably the best part is how many are close to home (except for you british, of course). There are tons in the US in populated areas. One could probably still meet other users, but you're mainly there to advertise. I could have fun showing off my building skills, or recruting new users. I could probably have fun at the one I'll go to. In additon, this might not be the only world tor event. There could be actual bloxcons, as well. Plus, there's probably a free Roblox hat involved...

get ready for a mouthful.
So the biggest problem, in my opinion, is No Fun. This means there aren't any admins, and fery few users, so where's the party really at? And I can certainly see why. Myself going to the Chicago Bloxcon, I had a blast. I met tons of users, and a lot of them being extremely famous. I met  close to every admin, save Seranok and Shedlesky. People from all over the midwest came to chicago, and it was a huge success. But when you're in a big crowd of people, is it sill fun? Or are you a slave? What I'm trying to get at here, is how much someone likes roblox. Sure, I would advertise it and play on studio in fromt of thousands of people, but will I take the risk of knowing I might just sit and be an unheard voice? Either way, I hope I'm not near someone who smells. The next issue is whether or not this is it. I'd be disapointed if this is the only roblox world tour. I really want to go to some sort of bloxcon, too.

I'm going to Cleveland Mini Maker Faire! See some of you there!
Also, watch out for a follow up on this post!