Monday, March 24, 2014

The 2014 Roblox News Egg Hunt

Hello all,
Some of you may know me, some of you may not. I am Josh (TechTeam911 on Roblox, previously zinc707), and I am the lead project designer + programmer + web developer for Arbirator's Roblox News. In my free time (When I'm not running my business & working in college), I love to create games on Roblox. I've been programming with Lua for over 6+ years now, and it's one of my favorite languages.

As many of you know, here at Arbirator's Roblox News, we always host a yearly Easter Egg Hunt event for the community to enjoy. Last year was the best egg hunt we've ever had (Over 30K visits, and tons of positive feedback), but of course, we always have to do better every year. That being said, on behalf of Arbirator's Roblox News, I am proud to introduce the Roblox News 2014 Egg Hunt.

This year is going to be one of the most sophisticated (And enjoyable) egg hunts that Arbirator's Roblox News has created.

  • Numerous universes where eggs rain down simultaneously (Universes are all connected to a central hub, pictured above).
  • Central hub is used to teleport to other universes - hub is also used for socializing, purchasing items, viewing the leaderboards, and more.
  • Universes are created by both Arbirator's Roblox News staff and the community (Will get into details later on about that.)
  • Very few eggs are going to be recycled from last year to be reused this year, the majority of the content is going to be completely new and innovative.
  • The egg hunt will be much more challenging than last year's egg hunt. That being said, certain universes will exclusively drop easy-to-get eggs for the people who are having difficulty with some of the other universes.)
  • Each universe has exclusive eggs (Ie: Magma egg only drops in volcanic map, beach ball egg in beach map etc.)
  • In place of game-passes, there will be currency packages.
    • No, we're not going Candy-Crush on you guys, the currency purchases are completely optional.
    • The two types of currency are as follows:
      • Cash
      • Gold
    • Cash can be earned in-game through unlocking eggs.
    • Gold can be earned only through currency purchases.
      • Gold is completely optional, it's used to purchase certain assets that are locked for normal users.
    • Buying in bulk gives bonus currency (Ie: 25% more cash if you buy y package vs. x package).
  • Egg hunt should (Hopefully) be iOS compatible.
    • That being said, there will be no eggs that are exclusive to iOS users.
  • No eggs require you to pay for an item to unlock them, the items are purely optional.
So this year, we've decided to do something different. Instead of having just Arbirator's Roblox News builders do the maps this year, we've decided to reach out to the community for submissions. Yes, that's right - your map can be featured in the egg hunt this year!

Details for map submissions:
  • Map submissions should be sent to RNEggHunt with the subject 'Egg hunt map submission'
  • Maps must have a specific theme (Can't have water-theme in one area, and then volcanic-themed in another area.)
  • Maps may not have hidden areas (Except without the explicit consent of RNEggHunt).
  • All map submissions will not have scripts - if you want a specific effect to be added, talk to RNEggHunt about how it can be incorporated into your map.)
  • Maps should be unique, free-model use is discouraged.
  • Regular terrain is preferred over triangle-terrain.
  • Maps should be medium to large in size.
  • Deadline is April 10th.
If we like your map submission, we'll put it in the egg hunt for everyone to play! You will also receive credit for the map, and you will receive in-game currency as a reward (and possibly an extra prize).

We're also looking for egg property ideas, PM RNEggHunt with your ideas for the egg hunt.

More details to come soon :)

Screenshots of the hub (Created by Demjot), still waiting on map submissions.