Monday, March 3, 2014

Gear Friday Review: Mardi Gras

So this week's gears are all Mardi Gras themed to celebrate the upcoming Mardi Gras holiday celebrated down in New Orleans at the start of Lent. It's a fantastic celebration apparently, I've never been, but I have experienced people throwing beads at me off of floats. Close enough.. right?

Five gears were actually released this Friday, four of which were related to the topic, and then there was a Hot Wheels Truck which basically came out for no reason at all and was completely random, but I guess Hot Wheels bought ROBLOX now so all ROBLOXians will be turning into trucks or something. Oh well, faster transportation.

Disco Ball                                                                                           

Disco Ball

The party don't start 'til you walk in... This sweet disco ball makes everybody want to dance.

The first gear to come out was a nice little disco ball. It was 250 Robux and Non-Limited, which is pretty cheap for a gear this fun. Also, it looks.. er.. like a ball. It's mesh is basically a perfect sphere, the colors on the ball are yellow green and purple, mainly. Oh and it looks like there's a bunch of bricks on the ball.

Basically, in-game, you pull out a tiny disco ball. Once you click a larger one floats above you flashing in different colors, and of course you dance. Boogie downnnn. Oh and if somebody walks into the radius of the disco ball, they will also dance with you. Once the dance time is up, you'll both stop dancing.


                                                                             Mardi G-Ray Gun

Shoot Mardi Gras colored lasers at your foe to do some festive damage.
Mardi G-Ray Gun
First off, I have no idea what's up with the name. It's trying to say "Mardi Gras," but gets cut off and turns into "Ray Gun," and ends up being "Mardi G-Ray Gun.."

The G-Ray Gun was priced at 700 Robux, set to go off-sale after a few days. I mean, I understand why it's timed and I'll explain that in a bit, but it's kind of much. It looks pretty good, mainly grey but with streaks of yellow, green, and purple.

I can tell why it's timed, because it's very overpowered. Basically, you hold down click and shoot out tons of lasers one after another, and they easily kill your enemy. It's fun to play with, well to murder people with. Ah well.


Mardi Gras Necklace Shooter                                                         

I like to call this my party blaster. Shoot festive items at people and get them to join the party!

Mardi Gras Necklace Shooter
Time for the biggest rip-off today, the Mardi Gras Necklace Shooter. All it does is shoot necklaces. Oh, it's pretty ugly, too. It looks like a tiny trumpet with sparkles on it or something. Terrible. Oh well, I mean, the scripter of the gun didn't really have a choice, it being called "Necklace Shooter" and all, but it's terribly stupid. Plus, it's 350 Robux. More than the fantastic disco ball. That's awful. Terrible. Just no. No. No. No. Oh, it's time too, just because it's Mardi Gras themed, and, well, even though I honestly have no idea what it is, I do know that Mardi Gras doesn't last all year.

That's all I have to say about this. I don't want to go on with anger much longer, it's not good for me.


                                                                            Mardi Gras Sword

Laissez les bons temps rouler! Your enemies don't stand a chance against this festive sword. Celebrate your victory over your enemies with a little confetti party. 

Time for the biggest let-down of the night, the Mardi Gras Sword. It's supposed to be the 'huge limited' of the night, I guess. It was 1,000 Robux with 250 in stock. Okay, that's promising. Oh wait.. it's ugly. And it's ability is awful. The sword is bright yellow with ugly bands of purple on the hilt and random glitter things everywhere.

When you kill somebody with the sword, they turn into glitter. That's it. That is all it does. There is nothing else good that it could do. It's a terrible gear, I have no idea why it was the limited, or why it was so much.

When it first sold out, it won, surprisingly. About 5 minutes later, the prices plummeted and now it's struggling to make profit.


Overall: 5/10
Better luck next week, admins.