Sunday, March 23, 2014

Game Spotlight: Natural Disaster Survival by Stickmasterluke

Hello everyone! This is my first review as a Game Journalist on Roblox News. If you're wondering why I've been inactive since being hired, I've been battling an unexpected crash of my new Dell computer since February, and just recently got the replacement. I'm so glad to have it back!

I'll kick off my first article by writing on a very favorite game of mine, Natural Disaster Survival . 

The game premise is cleverly and accurately described in the game description, Quickly, run around in circles. Your life depends on it! 

Upon entering the game, you spawn in a large cylindrical lobby while you wait for the current disaster to finish up

A neat feature of this game is the "Top Ten Survivalists" leaderboard on the edge of the lobby, which lists the top ten in-game users with the most disaster survivals in order.

In a few moments, you will be teleported to a grassy island, in which a map and disaster will load.

There are eleven disasters and eleven maps which generate randomly.

The Disasters:
Meteor shower - Flaming rocks rain from the sky, killing people and demolishing structures. I find this one of the easier disasters to survive. 
Flash Flood - Water quickly rises from the ocean, causing buildings to collapse. Unlike the majority of flood survival games, the water doesn't kill you instantly. After being underwater for several seconds, your health begins to decrease, which makes an immensely realistic game.
Thunder Storm - Dark clouds form overhead, and realistic lightning strikes random points, killing anyone in its path instantly. Be sure your sound isn't up high on this disaster, I've had a few times where the thunder sound blasted out some headphones, ha ha.
Fire - A single brick in a building or structure will catch fire (Turning black, shooting out large flames, and will slowly decrease your health if you stand on it) The fire soon spreads, tearing through the entire map. This one is extremely difficult to survive when you're up on high structures, since the structure will collapse, and throw you into a pile of scorching debris.
Tornado - One of my favorite disasters. A large column of spinning white smoke swirls around the map, tossing debris and users around and into the ocean. It can be difficult to survive, but your best bet is to stay on the edge of the island. 
Tsunami - A large wave will appear out in the ocean, and make its way towards you. Get to a high place! It will kill you upon contact. Although you want to be high up so the wave doesn't kill you, you also have to be save when climbing down from the structure. If it collapses, you usually will die from fall damage.
Blizzard - A thick white fog will surround you, and a GUI with swirling snowflakes obscures your vision. If you're out in the open, your health will decrease fairly quickly. To survive this, you have to be in an enclosed area where the snow can't get you.
Sandstorm - The appearance is similar to the Blizzard disaster, but instead of white fog and snowflakes, you will see yellowish-tan fog with a blinding sand GUI. Being out in the open won't kill you with this disaster, but you have to watch out, as flying debris can whack you into the ocean.
Volcanic Eruption - In this disaster, a giant brown volcano will appear on the edge of the ocean, and it will violently hurl lava blocks at you. The "KABOOM" sound Stickmasterluke has added is quite entertaining.
Earthquake - The ground shakes, buildings collapse, users bounce around like fish out of water. This disaster is fairly easy to survive, just stay clear of collapsing buildings. 
Acid Rain - I find this to be one of the hardest to survive. Green toxic rain pelts you from the sky, melting structures, and transforming any bricks it touches into a green acidic death trap. If you're caught in this disaster, stay indoors but steer clear of the toxic green bricks! 

One great update Stickmasterluke added was the "Double Disaster" occurrence, in which not one but two  disasters wreck terror on the map. 

This is a short video of a Double Disaster occurring, with a tsunami and flash flood in the Sky Tower map.

The Maps:
Happy Home - The simple starter home that appeared in all beginning Roblox games before 2010. Though unlike the starter game, this home is two stories tall. It comes with a playground, too! 
Sky Tower - An extremely tall glass skyscraper, with 3 balconies for you to watch your appending doom.
Trailer Park -  What's more classic than a tornado in a trailer park? This clever map consists of a water tower, and four different mobile homes surrounding it. 
Glass Office - This map is a towering glass office building, with a few decorative shrubs outside. This map can be fairly difficult to survive, especially when it collapses.
Fort Indestructable - This map is designed like a military fort, with four driveable tanks, and a immobile helicopter. A neat feature of this map is the large radio tower, which can either hold safety from some disasters, or collapse and make you fall to your doom.
Surf Central - This fun map consists of a beach, volleyball court, two lifeguard stations, and a colorful surf shop up on a hill. This map is best for surviving disasters like tsunamis and flash floods, since the building is higher up than the sea-level beach.
Rakish Refinery - A gasoline refinery map, with a red one-story building, several gasoline tanks, and a towering smokestack that you can climb to the top.
Sunny Ranch - A nice red two-story barn, with two towering silos, and even a tractor! 
Arch Park -  Reminiscent of the Gateway Arch in Saint Louis, Missouri, this map features a park with a picnic, snack shack, chess tables, and a large metal arch.
Raving Raceway - One of my favorite maps, this one is a large racetrack, and upon spawning, users can hop into functional cars and race around as the world crumbles around them.
Coastal Quickstop - The newest addition in the Natural Disaster Survival maps, this one is a large harbor city, with a lighthouse, a few homes and buildings, and a large wooden dock extending out into the ocean.

All-in-all, this game is very entertaining, and due to the random choices of the disasters and maps, it really holds your interest. 

A not-so-happy home after being destroyed by a meteor shower.

Thank you everyone for reading! I hope if you get the chance, you can play this game and experience all the fun maps and disasters. I look forward to writing my next article here on Roblox News.

Until next time,