Thursday, March 20, 2014

Game Review: Blox Turismo

Made by user TheEmblaze, "BLOX Turismo" is for the users who enjoy games such as DriveBlox Unlimited by user nfsboy! While TheEmblaze is a friend of mine, I'll be writing this post as an unbiased user on the site!
BLOX Turismo, a game by TheEmblaze

Alright, so when you join the game, you start off with $15,000. Go ahead and buy the "Opal Astra", then head out into the world. I'm not about to go buy all the cars and drive them around, but I'll tell you that you earn 150$ every little while as you drive around the game. If you want more money, look to the left of the screen and click "Buy Money". As of the date of this post, you can buy $50k, $100k, or $250k to spend on cars and houses!
Holla! (Even though this isn't my house)
This game is visually pleasing. The cars look realistic. The houses look great and the cities are well-designed. There are multiple dealerships all around the game, varying from casual cars, to high-end sports cars! Some cars require games passes, but no worreis! Just look to the left of your screen and click "Buy GamePasses"!

Yes, I realize this review is short, but I don't think the length of a post can define a game! This game, like I
A nice view on the bridge!
said before, is GREAT for those who liked DriveBlox Unlimited, which apparently 9,000,000+ people did! TheEmblaze is still working on it, but the game is playable and well designed. Yeah, there are a few little bugs and glitches, but in time, I'm sure he'll fix them. I'm hoping he'll add more areas, maybe another city, or an island? If you want to see some stuff in the game, I suggest you play it first, see what it's missing and then send a message to and ask TheEmblaze asking (politely) to possibly add your request to the game! So I guess that's all I have to say about that. I wish my friend good luck and I'm happy to see him brush elbows with success! So until next time, enjoy yourself!