Sunday, March 23, 2014

New Catalog Analyst: IceFang307!

Hello to everyone,
As a new Catalog analyst to RN, my name is IceFang307. Ice for short.
Before I joined RN, I was more into war groups of ROBLOX, coordinating in most of these groups, (and still am). As a coordinator, I analyse a lot in these groups, mainly to watch others and observe their skills and talent, and main group functions. Basic job. After then, I began to get fond of the blog system.
Wishing to assist in every way possible, in mostly analyzing and expressing in my thoughts, as these are my motives that really get me going, (Gee, I have a short list) which want me to contribute to the news for ROBLOX, today, and it's future. Thats basically it. (I must have forgotten what else I wanted to say for my bio. Lol)  I will be analyzing catalog items in terms of their aesthetics and their investment opportunities. Thank you, and hope to begin my role soon.