Monday, March 10, 2014

Darkness 2 Review

The long awaited sequel to the popular game 'Darkness' by loleris is finally here and it instantly hit the front page with many people enjoying it. Thus today, I bring to you the review of 'Darkness 2'.

When you first enter the game, you are greeted with a waiting screen. After that, instead of spawning into a lobby like in Darkness, you see a spectate screen where you can view everyone who is still alive. Actually, the lobby is still there but you just can't see it. I feel that it is a great update since the lobby wasn't that great and in the past you could only see the beast.

For those of you who have either forgotten how to play the game or have never played it, let me now just explain it to you. Basically, the beast (bad guy) will try to kill the survivors (good guys) before he dies or he runs out of energy which is gotten by killing survivors. The beast also has three abilities which can help him defeat the survivors. However, the survivors are not defenceless. They have a pistol by default and various weapons are placed around the map for them to collect. The beast hasn't changed much in this sequel, but the survivors have a new person that could help them win. It is the 'Juggernaut'. As you would expect, he has more health and has a shield by default. Just to note, the shield can be found in the map, so it isn't exclusive to the juggernaut alone.
Being the beast
Also, the sounds have been improved a lot and it is just awesome. It is enough to make me freak out occasionally and what's the best part about the new sounds? The ending music when either the beast or survivors win is the best. It is so good that I simply enough love it.

Next, the shop. This is where some of the slightly negative parts come. Some of the game passes are just overpriced, especially the one about the 10x chance to become the beast. It cost a whopping 20000 robux and don't even compare it with the pass in Darkness. Even though it only gives you a 2x chance, it only cost 200 robux. So, in theory, shouldn't it cost about 1000 robux? However, it's not the worst one. That title belongs to the juggernaut game pass. Many people have bought the pass have never been juggernaut which my friend happens to be one of those people. And then, there are people who become the juggernaut repeatedly. Also, there are too little upgrades and they are also overpriced. To get the upgrades, you have to play hundreds of rounds (You have to win them). Luckily, points do save which mean you won't have to play the game continuously.

There is currently three maps, which are all equally good, but for some reason I like the third map the most.

Now, considering that the game is still in beta, it is amazing to see how good the game is, from the sounds to even small things like the new spectate screen. It is a great improvement over the original game and it is obvious that the game has lived up to it's hype. I recommend all of you to go and play this game - I promise that you will have fun. That's it from me today, so goodbye for now!
Score: 9.1/10

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