Saturday, March 15, 2014

Chicken of the Month: March


And now it's time for number 3 in the Chicken of the Month series... the March chicken! Yay! A Saint Patricks themed chicken with shamrocks and gold an- wait, what? It's not Saint Patricks themed? WHAT?!

It's Pi Month themed instead. Ugh. Oh well, this is a once in a lifetime experience, guys! A whole month dedicated to a giant irrational number named after a dessert food! Woohoo...

CotM: March Chicken Pot Pi
CotM: March Chicken Pot Pi
 "Just try to om nom nom this chicken pot pi. He's 3.14 times faster than you'd think. March's Chicken of the Month."

Texture: 10/10

Another good looking CotM. Sadly, this one isn't made by a user (I don't think). Brighteyes did take a Chicken Pot Pi chicken this year though, although it was terrible ugly, no offence DarkGenex, it's just.. not... good. Anyways, back to this. It looks nice. The beak is yellow, and the main skin is like tan, to be like, you know, pie. The eye looks like an eye, and the hair thingy on top is darker tan. On the side is a nice capital Pi symbol, or π, or 3.14159265359... and so on to billions and billions and billions of digits. Anyways, I think it's fantastic looking, which is why it gets a grand rating of 10/10.

Mesh: 9/10

The mesh is exactly the same as the other CotMs, and I still like it. There's a nice little hole for your head to stick out, some eyes, a little hair thingy on top, and, well, yeah. The hole is actually the mouth which is inside of the beak, which is pretty cool, and, well, fitting for the overall theme of, well, chickens..

Price: 7/10

I'm not very excited about the pattern with the CotM prices.. the first one in January was 100 Robux, the second in February was 200 Robux.. and now this one is 300 Robux. Basically, that means that if you're like me and want to collect all of the CotMs, by the end of the year, you'd be spending 7,800 Robux. Ew. I'm not a fan of that. But the prices are still semi-cheap, 300 Robux isn't that bad, even though I have no idea why it's not 314 robux.. anyways, it's not a bad price, and I'm going to be mad if this pattern continues.

Timing: 9/10

I've just added this section special for CotMs, because the past ones have come out at terrible times and it's pretty annoying. I'm actually.. VERY.. surprised at this one. It came out at a totally legitimate time, on pi day, and only sold on pi day.. Congratulations, admins, you did this one right! (Even though it should've been Saint Patricks themed..)

OVERALL: 8.5/10

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Happy Pi day/month!