Sunday, March 9, 2014

Gear Friday Review: Pi Day

Happy 3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105... Day! Oops, I mean, 
Happy Pi Day! March 14th, or 3/14, is a day dedicated to pi, or pie, or tarte, or whatever your country calls it. So what better day than this to release tons of gears dedicated to.. well, pie! Wait, what? Oh, it's only the 7th? Well.. why is ROBLOX making pi-related things a week before Friday...? Well, it's actually Pi Month, 3/14, or March 2014, so it's not JUST pi day this year, kinda neat, eh?

The pies released this Friday, erm, I mean, the gears released this Friday each had something to do with pie. Whether it was shooting pies (or the occasional pi symbol at you), flinging pies through the air using the power of rage, or even turning your foes into pie, this Gear Friday's got it all!

Four gears were released this week, Pi RAIG Table, Pi Launcher, Pi Transmorpher, and last but not least, Pi Slicer, and NONE WERE LIMITED! :(

Pi RAIG Table

          Pi RAIG Table          

It's like (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ but with more π. Also more damage. Also more actual pies. Okay virtual pies.

     First out was the Pi RAIG Table, which is basically a revamped Raig Table. You take out a tiny table, click, and a large table with pies on it appears in front of you. So what do you do? You flip it over and throw it, flinging the pies everywhere. The pies do damage to foes, and the table just flings them and makes them raig. It's the same thing as the other Raig Table, but with pies! 

     The table looks like a normal table, but the.. er.. table.. part.. is shaped as a pie, and has a large pi symbol (π) engraved in the center of it. It's colored brown, because, well, it's wood. The pies that are flung off of it are just pies from the catalog, blueberry, apple, etc.

     The Pi RAIG Table was 314 Robux (you know, because Pi is 3.14). I think it's actually a fairly cheap price, because this gear is awesome, and a really fun way to lose some virtual friends due to rage. It was timed for a week, so it's going to go off-sale on the Ultimate Pi Day, March 14, 2014, or 3.1414, even though that's not what Pi's value is.. oh well.

As the description states, (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ with more π. Yes. More π indeed.


          Pi Launcher          

What better way to celebrate Pi Month (03/14)than with this Pi Launcher? Throw all kinds of flavors of pies at your foes. Like real pies, each has it's own flavor... damage flavor that is.

Pi Launcher
     The next gear released was the Pi Launcher, which is a fantastic gear. Basically, it's a giant, cool looking gun. The gun's specialty is that it throws pies at you, whether it's an apple pie or a blueberry pie or the occasional pi symbol (which is fairly rare and does a lot more damage than the other pies), this launcher launches them all! Each pie has it's own damage, launch distance, and curve, which is pretty unique, and we need unique gears, because unique is good. Very good.

     I'm not the biggest fan of the mesh, but I do like the texture. The mesh is basically a large bazooka with a hand on top, the hand is supposed to throw the pies. The point of the gun though.. well, there's no point to it. It could have just been a slingshot with a hand on it or something. Meh, I don't know, maybe there's a secret refrigerator inside the large barrel of the launcher that has a portal in it to pie universe so you can pull out whatever pies you wish and then pi symbols took over the land but the pies fought back and... oh never mind. Moving on.

     The pie launcher is priced at 750 Robux, which is fitting for the ability of the gun, but has no relation to pi.. I like that. Oh well. Unlike the RAIG table, this isn't set to go off-sale on Ultimate Pi Day on the 14th.


          Pi Transmorpher          

I'm about to bake a pi for Pi Month (3/14). Surprise- you're the pie! Morph all your foes into pies for fun.

Pi Transmorpher
     Next up was the Pi Transmorpher, a fairly useless, but fun gear. It allows you to shoot people with a brown cylinder looking thing, and the people that you shoot are turned into... you guessed it.. pie! Once again, this gear uses other pie meshes and textures, which is pretty cool.. and all.

     The gear looks like a giant ray gun, and on top of that giant ray gun is an even bigger ray gun. None of that is needed, well the top part isn't, but it does make it look a lot cooler.

     It came out priced at 650 Robux, which is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much for this. It's just a social gear, it should have been 314 Robux, and even that's too much. Like the Pi Launcher, this wasn't timed, so I guess it's not going off sale anytime soon.


          Pi Slicer          

Slice your foes into pie slices? Sure, why not! 

Pi Slicer     The last gear to come out was.. not.. limited.. oh. That's a disappointment. Anyways, it's a sword, okay.. it slices normally, nothing special.. okay. Doesn't sound fun. After slamming your keyboard in raig, you realize that once you hit 'Q' you basically summon the power of pie and summon a bunch of pies from the depths of the universe and throw them at foes. So much pie throwing this week.

     The slicer is basically a normal sword, but the hilt is upgraded to look like a pi symbol. There are some red gems along the pi symbol, and that's, well, that's pretty much it.

     The slicer came out for 425 Robux, which is a fair price, and I honestly think isn't as much as it should be. The confusing thing is, why is the transmorpher more than this... did they get the prices wrong or something?


          Overall: 8/10           

Thanks for reading!