Wednesday, August 22, 2012

BaseSkull Cap Hat Review!

Hey, Dark here in my last review which came out a few days ago about nooooooo retexture :  Hood of the Lonely Raven Hat I was talking about how nice some hats fit and look very cool on the ROBLOX avatar… BaseSkull Cap isn’t one of those hats…


The first thing I want to say is that this hat diffidently has its own creative mesh, It’s not like another all baseball cap to ever be released on ROBLOX.  If the word “Cap” was not in the name of this hat you honestly wouldn’t know if this was a baseball cap or not… The forehead over the eyes of the skull comes way over the ROBLOXians head; it just pops out of the top of the ROBLOXians head, then the lower set of teeth come out over the ROBLOXians eyes to sort of create the image of the front part of a baseball cap.  Overall I give the mesh and 5/10 because you can hardly tell it actually is a cap.


This texture… this texture is very… odd.  It’s very complicated and must be extremely difficult to retexture.  All you can pick out from the texture is a few teeth on the bottom part of the image, to the right you can tell it is part of the forehead and back of the head and you can see the resemblance in a skull on the left side.  Overall I give the texture a 10/10 for extreme detail and difficulty into the making of this texture.


This Cap made a nice bit of profit, nobody actually expected much profit, it was originally 100 robux with 2000 in stock.  The day it came out at one point the price hit about 500 Robux, I resold mine for 400 robux and made 198 robux profit, it didn’t make a huge amount of profit but it made more than intended.  Overall I give this hat an 8/10 because nobody expects profit from a hat with 2000 in stock.

User feedback:

@NonstopepicRBLX: I find it very ugly but great for small profit.

@RBX_Zakary99: I am personally an investor, and i was surprised that people are earning profit from it. I bought it and commented "no profit."

@PurPrin121: It's very kewl but not something I would buy.

Overall I give this hat a 7/10 I thought the texture was great and the profit was great but the mesh wasn’t so good.  I personally don’t think this a half bad hat!

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed my review!

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