Sunday, August 19, 2012

Rapid Fire Reviews #1

This is a new series of reviews that I, yomamadude6, will be starting. The purpose of these articles is to take a first impression look at a game that is either unpopular, or in beta/alpha testing stages. There will be many of these in a single post and they will all be pretty short. So let's get started with the first edition of Rapid Fire Reviews!

Authority, by SpookyFox

Stage of testing: OPEN BETA
Genre: FPS
Version reviewed: v0.10

After seeing that SpookyFox's most successful game, Airport Tycoon, has received a huge amount of visits yet still sucks, I approached this game with caution. After entering in the game, I quickly found that he did not screw this one up. The game contained beautiful GUI, detailed weapons, and beautiful scripting. A "create custom classes" feature as well as perks seem to be on the horizon as well, but for now, you spawn with a random class (possibly for testing purposes). The fast paced gameplay and great visuals make this game a must see for everyone. 


Choices, by GollyGreg

Stage of testing: Released
Genre: Platformer/Obby
Version reviewed: N/A

I HAD to try out this game after the game description boasted the game would be a "challenge." The game seems like a simple 2 dimensional platformer game at the beginning, however, it actually contains a 3D section as well. After finishing the initial obstacles, the play progresses to a cave where he must use his pathfinding skills to navigate to the exit (which is usually hidden). The camera transition between the two sections are extremely smooth and really well scripted. There are also some interesting story telling elements. However, the cave section is really annoying and many building glitches exist there. Otherwise, this game is quite a good, long, and hard hybrid 2D/3D obstacle you can try to tackle. 


Wingz World V(5), by NearmissTFW

Stage of testing: OPEN BETA
Genre: Flight Simulator
Version Reviewed: Last update August 17, 2012

The sequel to the super successful Wingz World III(3) and the not-so-well received Wingz World IV(4) is currently in open Beta. The game plays almost identically to Wingz World IV(4) with the mini planes and shrunken world, instead of using Wingz World III(3)'s more popular regular sized planes. The game objectives, however, does improve from the previous version by a lot. There is now an economy system whereby you earn cash from missions in order to spend them in dealerships to purchase planes of your choice. A trading system and rare planes system have also been added to improve upon this concept. The big downside to this game, however, it the fact that the missions so far are INCREDIBLY AND MINDBOGGLINGLY BORING. They simply consist of your having to fly from one airport to another with no twists or turns. The game is still is must try if you've been a fan of the previous installments even if the missions are boring right now.


That raps it up for the first Rapid Fire Reviews! I'll do more if I find more interesting places to review. Until next time!