Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hood of the Lonely Raven Hat Review

So, what’s up guys? Dark here with another great hat review, in my last hat review on Rainbow fedora, I explained at the end that I would be going on vacation, well now I’m back. I will be doing a couple reviews now to catch up.  Anyways in this post I will review a retexture made by nooooooo which brighteyes took for Hatsplosion 2 which was basically just a group of awesome retextured hats that brighteyes published.  Ok now finally, let’s get on with the review:


Well, the mesh contains a really cool hood that fits the ROBLOX default head very well it starts to close in around the next of the avatar.  Then for even more design there is a chain that comes around the neck and covers a bit of the torso around the neck.  It’s a very realistic hood, it looks like a type of hood you would find in the movies, truly amazing. 9/10


The texture of this hat is truly amazing, it has great detail, I can picture nooooooo working on this for days just to get it perfect, every line looks exact, it looks to be as if the lines represented growing plants or wrinkles in the hood.  The color shading for the inside of the hood is absolutely phenomenal! The shades of the same color fit together amazingly well. 10/10


When this amazing that was taken  by  brighteyes, everybody figured it to be a wicked limited, then when the time came for it to be released it was 250R$ non limited.  The hat is obviously worth the 250R$, it really should have been 300-500R$ but thankfully a very awesome hat was very cheap.  10/10

User feedback:
@CatRBLX: It has good detail, and I like the design.

@NonStopEpicRBLX: It's a very nice retexture of a 4/1/12.

@BillCheesey5 : It's quite cool, very dark and shady.


I have no suggestions for this retexture by nooooooo, it’s over all a fantastic hood! It has no room for improvement!

Overall, 10/10 this hat is a great buy, it looks very good! There is absolutely no room for improvement!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed my review!
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