Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Roblox For iPad: Roblox to the max?

Hey there, it's me. Zakary99. So, I've recently been looking through ROBLOX's blog, and I have discovered that the ROBLOX for iPad is in development. And they are working hard on it! On the app, you would be able to roam people's profiles and play games. iPad graphics are very high and great. They run all shadows in a fast speed.

I have a personal belief that the ROBLOX for iPad, would run dynamic lighting in a 'giffy. In the demo video they showed a few months ago ROBLOX running in a really, really fast way. Unbelievably fast. I was very impressed, and I am hoping for this app myself (Unfortunately, I have no iPad). Would this app be a use to you? Because I would love to have this. If I had an iPad. I probably would no longer use my laptop for ROBLOX. Because that, is gaming to the max!

Pictures of the app so far:
ROBLOX on iPad - Profile Interface
ROBLOX on iPad - Browse Games
ROBLOX on iPad - Game Screen
ROBLOX on iPad - In-Game Interface
Would you like to know why I have enlarged this picture more?
The reason for that is because I would like to mention the ROBLOX in-game interface that ROBLOX are working on. Now, look at those graphics! They are beautiful! You wouldn't expect anything more from ROBLOX, or from Apple! Roblox have done very well on the in-game interface. It looks great, I get to move my look camera, run and walk, choose tools and view my health. And we even have the menu at the top left. I don't think they have added the playerlist yet. But I expect they'll make it smaller and more mobile.

What do you think of the new iPad roblox?

Tell me what you think on Twitter or ROBLOX, and I will write a post of the results!
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