Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Limited Drought?

So as a LMaDer I live off of limiteds. Why you may ask? Because I WANT PROFITZZZ. Haha just kidding. LMaD, as a forum, relies on new limiteds, well profitable ones at that. Without new limiteds, LMaD wouldn't thrive. And recently, we haven't had any "Big Win" limiteds. The most recent limited was the "The Darkest Archmage" which really didn't make a "Huge Profit" (huge profits are hats that make up to 5k profits). I can literally go back 3 FULL PAGES of the new catalog (the new catalog fits more hats in than the older one, I could've gone about 6-7 pages before) until I reach a "Big Win". That "Big Win" would be the Rainbow Fedora. Now some big questions people would ask would be, "Why isn't the "Lord of Federation" a "Big Win"? Well, that's simple. There was only 10 in stock so that would mean only 10 people would've made a "Huge Profit" (why do I keep on using quotes around these? I don't know). The Rainbow Fedora had 500 sold which would make it a "Big Win". Now let me get back to my point.

We've had at least 3 weeks without a Big Win. This has made LMaD crazy. And wanna know what's worse? Rumors. Rumor has it, that there will be a new Sparkle Time Fedora. The Green Sparkle Time Fedora. There are many rumors around that say that it'll come out anytime now. BUT I have a reason not to believe this. There has been a pattern with the STFs. The Sparkle Time Fedora (original) came out during Christmas in 2007. The PSTF (Purple Sparkle Time Fedora) came out during Halloween 2011. The RSTF (Red Sparkle Time Fedora) came out during Valentines 2012. See the pattern? Each came out during a holiday. Likewise, the GSTF will probably come out St. Patrick's day in 2013. Hopefully though, there will be a BSTF (Blue Sparkle Time Fedora) in the winter, but I don't want to start rumors.

Another rumor is the White Fedora. ROBLOX already made the texture so we can imply that it MAY come out sometime soon. If it does come out I can tell it will make a huge profit. Any fedora will make a huge profit. Nuff said.

The last and final rumor is the Periastrons. Rumor has it that BrightEyes said at RGC, there will be 7 Periastrons. Only 3 have been released. She also said the next one come out very soon. The only problem is she said this during the RGC. Which was one month ago and there still hasn't been a new Periastron. LordNavy, a 2 year LMaDer, has found the mesh and the texture of the new gear in the backlog which means it will come out sometime. The only thing that REALLY concerns me is that the Periastrons had a pattern going on. There was one released every two months. But it's been past two months and the next one still hasn't been released. Maybe ROBLOX is saving limiteds for Black Friday. Or maybe ROBLOX wants to ruin the pattern so that we can't predict when the next one will come out. Who knows? Only ROBLOX.

But besides those rumors, the limiteds are becoming like a drought for LMaD.

This has been a Catalog Review by alexkylerock.
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