Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hey, I'm Chubbs21!

Hey guys! I'm a new summer intern for Roblox News! I am shadowing BillCheesey5, A Catalog Analyst! I am very interested in the world of profiting and all things money and limiteds. I am an investor on ROBLOX. I usually am able to tell if a limited will "win or fail". (If you get profit from buying it or not.) I am also interested in the many non-limited hat's ROBLOX makes too. :) I also do things not about money like make fun games.

On ROBLOX News, I will be making posts about the Catalog and Limited or LimitedU items. I will tell you if limiteds are a bad investment, which hats are the coolest and most worth buying, item reviews, and even rumors about certain hats and other items.

If you need to ask any questions, send a message on ROBLX or follow me on Twitter! I am @chubbs21RBLX