Saturday, August 18, 2012

Unit 3021 Hat Review!

Today we have a hat review of the Unit 3021 hat.
Unit 3021

Mesh: ANOTHER CARDBOARD ROBOT :D! The mesh is a cardboard box with pieces of... Stuff on it. Hey, is that a "Impossible to Obtain Red Wedding Cake" on the side there? I believe it is (If you don't know what that is, don't worry)! It looks somewhat like a robot (Cardboard box aside), which is good, considering it's a robot. the mesh is nice, and cardboardy. Also innovative. 10/10.

Texture: The texture is shaded nicely, which is a perk because it raises how realistic it is, which is great. The robot pieces are red, which most robots generically are in cartoons, etc. The visor bit is an amazing yellow, which stands out and looks really cool. Overall, it's nice, shaded, shiny and realistic. Needs more blue in my opinion. 8/10.

Value for Money: the hat is just 100 R$, which isn't bad for a realistic, shaded, nicely meshed hat. It's counterpart; "Mr. Robot" (which was made in 2009) is just 30 R$, which has a 70 R$ price gap to the Unit 3021 hat. However, Unit 3021 is more realistic, but it is still a cardboard robot. Nonetheless, it's a great price. Should be a biiiit cheaper, maybe 90 R$? I don't know. 9/10 (Good Value for Money)

Public Enjoyment: Again, going to the streets of social network Twitter, you know the drill.

@Gruntyshka (ROBLOX: GruntyThe1AndOnly):  I don't really like it. ;o

@DGProStudio (ROBLOX: DGProStudio): Futuristic cardboard robot with cyclop's glasses.

Our very own blog owner @arbirator (ROBLOX: arbirator): Mr. Roboto 2.0 - Looks awesome.

Thanks for the replies guys! The public enjoyment seems to be 2 in 3, therefore it gets 6.6666666 (repeating) /10.

Overall: Overall, this hat recieves a 8.7/10. A great mesh with a good texture which most of the public enjoy and a good price. Very great hat. 8.7/10.


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Thanks for reading :D