Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Catalog Heaven Updated Place Review

Catalog Heaven

Hello there again. I am Zakary99, your epical intern. And I haven't posted a lot recently, my reasons for that is because I have been busy studying. But, I'm back...

I have decided to choose 'Catalog Heaven' for today's review. This review will be a review that is more up to date than others. This game has been programmed beautifully, unbelievably! But what about an opinion? A full opinion on the game? Well that's why I'm here! Get ready because Catalog Heaven is about to be unraveled!

So, I've entered the game... not the most appealing lobby ever but that's Seranok's choice. Every time a player joins the game has been programmed to create them their own little room. The room gives you a gui where you get to add a forcefield so nobody can get in, and remove that forcefield. The game does sometimes take a while to load, but it's worth it!

When you enter the game you are also provided with a gui with which you can remove all things that are on your player, and replace them with things from the catalog gui. Which is amazingly programmed!! This game is also a nice game if you just want to check out the prices of things in the catalog without waiting for new pages to load. I turned my character in to this just with those few amount of guis!

The game was great, I entered the arena and generated the gears I would always have liked to have used, the ban hammer and the foe hammer. It was outstanding being able to use gears you would never get to have, but definitely would be great to have. So that made me full of glee and excitement.

Some gears are banned, I don't really know why, but perhaps Seranok just didn't like them. I asked a user, 'HyperJetfire6' "What do you think of this game?", he replied "I like it, it's a really fun game. It's the best gear testing/fighting game in ROBLOX". And you know what HyperJetfire6? I agree with you! It's definitely a fun game.

The map changes, I wouldn't say the map has very good building - but this game is more of a scripting than building game. It's a very nicely scripting game, Seranok should team up with an excellent CFramer and builder so that he scripts. And the builder builds/CFrames. Other than that. I love the game's concept and look.

Seranok made the VIP T-Shirts from Merely, so that other users in the game get great extras if they wish. This is a great choice Seranok made. It really impresses me. You should definitely come visit this place. I hope you'll find this game as fun as I do.

With Catalog Heaven you can also test gears that have just come out to see if you would like to buy them from the catalog. Maybe you'd like to buy a gear that cost all the ROBUX you have. But you don't want to waste your money... That's something that Catalog Heaven comes in handy with. It's a great game, I haven't seen anyone break the rules at Catalog Heaven and I can't expect better from Seranok apart from CFrames!

Scripting: 10/10
Great game, great scripts- especially the catalog!

Tools: 10/10
You get every tool from the ROBLOX Catalog. Of course they're great!

Development: 9/10
Better building would have gotten a 10/10.

Problems: 9.5/10
Hardly any problems, but sometimes the game glitches.

Difficulty: Easy
You get things from the catalog to test or use for free. But fighting all those Ninja users is hard!

Front Cover Photo: 10/10
The front cover photo is very persuasive!

Building: 5/10
Building could have been better, I expected some better CFrames..

Fun Filling: 10/10
Like I said before, any gear in ROBLOX. You can't get better!

Thought: 9/10
I can tell that Seranok put lots of thought into this!

Overall: 9.5/10
Great game, great players, great creator!

There is lots more to speak about, but that would make the review too long!
The game was made by Seranok.
At the time of the review Catalog Heaven had been visited 5,949,180 times, and had been favorited 140,772 times.

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